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Notes mode takes a sound source, and chromatically maps that to the keyboard. This allows you to create chords and melodies that are perfect for your production. Loops mode maps 13 loops to 13 notes on the keyboard, allowing you flexibility and variations. Slices mode assigns one loop to your keyboard and slices it across 13 keys. Each preset has four macros that can be used to customize and edit your settings. Loops and Slices both offer key-selection parameters that force the current selection to match your production’s key. EXHALE can be used by producers, sound designers, composers, and artists as a vocal engine. Slices Mode can be used to modulate, create unique patterns, and trigger mind-blowing stutters.

Exhale Vocal Engine

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There are two sources: a rhythm panel and an effects panel. The panel is broken down into modulation effects and insert effects. You can choose from four pages of the source material. Each source page has its own volume and panning controls. There are many patterns in the rhythm section that can be used with modulation effects. You can adjust the speed, shape, and fluctuation for modulation using the Rhythm Panel. You can select between a Step Sequencer or an LFO modulation type. Once you have selected the mod type, you can customize the sound by selecting a waveform or sequence pattern.

Exhale Vocal Engine

To create the pitch shifting effect, use the envelope generator. You can use the ‘Flutter effect to slightly alter the pitch using a dedicated LFO. You can play with all aspects of the sound, including macros, FX, and loops, to make your sound go further. Exhale’s adaptive sounds can be used as loops or slices. The Daily Resource for Digital Music Makers. This includes the latest news, reviews, and tutorials, as well as interviews. You can edit the Source Panel and Mod Rhythm Section as well as Mod Effects and Insert Effects.

This instrument pushes creativity to new heights. Lehrman says, “We provide the starting point. The rest is up to us.” Loops Mode offers 40 different tempo-synchronized Loop banks, each with 13 loops. They are mapped across the C2-C3 keyboard. Each note in a Loop bank can be assigned a Volume, Tune, and Pan control. Click or MIDI trigger the desired loop to start, and then adjust the note settings to your liking.

Exhale Vocal Engine Features

It is easy to create and manipulate simple and complex vox sounds with its intuitive interface and flexibility. If you use vocal samples, it is an essential tool that will spark instant creativity. EXHALE’s signature Output curve Macro sliders are the most prominent feature. They allow you to adjust up to six parameters per slider.

Engine designed from the ground up, with industry-leading modulation, tempo-synced effects, pitch shifting, and other features. You can transpose Slices or Loops using the Key Selector button in the top-right menu, next to the Macros buttons. To preserve the original pitch and retain the sound’s inherent tone, you can turn off any transposition. Every raw vocal performance was rearranged by 21 talented sound designers to create a modern musical scene.

All references to brands or instruments on this page/site are for descriptive purposes only. Referring to brands of instruments is used to describe the sound and/or instrument used in the sample. Plugin Boutique does not endorse or have any affiliation with these brands. Brand owners retain any goodwill associated with these brands. Plugin Boutique and its Suppliers cannot accept liability for the product’s content or accuracy. This comprehensive program will help you become fluent in sound design and synthesis.

How to get Exhale Vocal Engine Free

Presets are great starting points. You can choose from simple or complex presets that will work in any situation. Flux is a secondary sequencer that can increase or decrease global modulation rates. Flux has other settings that let you draw sequencer shapes or create random sequences. A Rate knob provides visual feedback. Gregg Lehrman, the founder of Output, says, “As musicians, it was always our dream to have a modern, cool and creative vocal instrument.” So we built it. Output recruited a large team of highly-respected record producers, vocalists, sound designers, and sound engineers to help capture, manipulate, and shape Exhale’s sounds.

Here you can adjust the depth and range of each effect parameter as well as bypassing or removing a parameter from Macro sliders. This software review is by Dubspot’s Rory PQ. It covers EXHALE (the world’s first modern Vocal Engine) which Output has created. This comprehensive review will show you the many powerful features that make this cutting-edge vocal tool worth having in your arsenal.

You can choose from 40 different tempo-synchronized vocal phrases. These are then divided into 13 banks and mapped to each C2-C3 note. This mode is perfect for using Slices with an Ableton Push 16-pad MPC-style controller. Each note in a Slice Bank can be tuned, paned, mixed, and looped or reversed separately. You can also track the activated slices using the Note Indicator. Advanced Settings allows you to create even more sound shaping fun. Learn how to create your own sounds using a variety of techniques. You can also add your own sonic signature to your tracks. You will be introduced to the most recent synthesis and sampling technologies, and shown how to use the largest and most varied sound library in the world.

Native Instruments Komplete is used in this six-level Sound Design program. It teaches synthesis and sampling techniques. This comprehensive series of courses provides an overview of the sound properties and covers all the main techniques for modern sound design.

You can choose from 16 different convolution algorithms, both real and creative. We’ve always wanted a vocal product to capture the contemporary sound of today’s music and the best creative scores. In our Los Angeles-based quarantine home, 50 musicians, 9 dogs, and at least four espresso machines awake every morning. So you can be creative, we make sounds using cutting-edge technology. Compression – Adjusts dynamically the output level according to an input level threshold. Pitch – Adjusts the pitch of EXHALE based on the number of semitones selected by the Amount Knob.

Exhale Vocal Engine System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 4 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 9 GB of free space required.
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