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It shows the two compared documents side-by-side with a focus on the distinctions. The interface is very simple, with a user-friendly navigation system through buttons and drop-down lists of lines. It is easy to navigate through the differences using “Previous Difference”/ “Current difference” and “Next Difference” buttons and hotkeys or by using the drop-down list of all the variations. It allows copying text from the comparison panes using the drag-and-drop feature, hotkey, or right-click pop-up. The site makes use of cookies to serve our users as well as to enable an analysis of the way people access our site in order to improve the user experience and the quality of our services. By accessing our website you agree to have read and comprehended these Terms of Service. Simply click the “Search” command to search for keywords in the search panes.


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It offers a range of useful features that users have requested for years from the file comparison tool. ExamDiff is part of a set of products that includes FtpVC which is an FTP-based Version Control System that allows joint development of software remotely via the Internet. As a web or software developer, you will encounter the time that you need a tool that helps you evaluate files that have code lines. The solution is provided by ExamDiff which is a helpful visual comparing tool that reveals all the variations between two text documents. Users can change the colors used by the program to highlight deleted, new, or changed lines within documents.

When the user type in the address of the folder in which some of the files that need to be compared is the program will seek out the other. You can also drag and drop two or more files into the window of the program. Auto pick feature within Compare dialog which keeps track of matches between file pairs. The feature detects any changes to files automatically and prompts users to re-compare the files. One re-compare feature is designed to keep the user’s attention in the same spot as prior to the comparison. Drag and drop is a feature to drop one or two files in the window of the program (e.g. via Windows Explorer). The program ExamDiff users can analyze two similar files at the level of.

It’s a useful tool for students and teachers to look over the changes made to documents. It is possible to evaluate large files character-by-character and find all the differences between the two files in a matter of seconds. It’s a quick and easy method of comparison and synchronization of 2 text documents. Rename files and folders using many options and a simple-to-use interface. For instance, you can select just .c or .cpp files, or any other file he or she wants to show.

ExamDiff Features

The most significant drawback with ExamDiff is that you will not be able to edit the contents of the two files directly from the interface of the program. It’s a helpful application that allows you to allow you to visually compare and combine files. ExamDiff is a compact light software application that allows you to load and analyze two different versions of the exact document or two documents that are related, to find out where modifications have been made.


Although it’s not the ideal solution, and only a minimal substitute of online programs that can do the same thing, ExamDiff can be useful for the basic functions for comparison of text. If you’re grading your essays or writing your own, and have to compare it with an alternative version, ExamDiff will handle the essentials efficiently. ExamDiff is among the most efficient tools I own. Your personal service and promptness set the standard for the industry.

It will remember a user-specified amount of the first file and the second. This allows for a quick selection of the two files that the user wants to compare. The application gives you access to the search engine that can help you locate codes with greater ease. Additionally, you can change the color palette for highlights to your liking as well as change the fonts or enable notifications, among others. Drag and drop support to drop two or more files into its window (e.g. by using Windows Explorer). A one-button re-compare feature will attempt to keep the focus of the user in the same spot as it was prior to the comparison. ExamDiff version 1.9 of ExamDiff introduces a command line option that is new, Windows 7 support.

How to get ExamDiff Free

If you’ve had a lot of trouble with other utilities for comparison such as ExamDiff Pro, you’ll find that ExamDiff Pro offers a much more effective and user-friendly method to evaluate folders and files. ExamDiff Pro comes with an open-window view with a double-pane that allows side-by-side comparisons with a color-coded option that can be customized to indicate the line’s status as deleted, added, or altered. It can compare directories and files in a similar manner and features one of the most efficient tools for comparison in the market today. ExamDiff Pro is a powerful and user-friendly tool for the comparison of directories and files that runs on Windows. If you’ve experienced frustration with other tools for comparison such as ExamDiff, you’ll find that ExamDiff Pro offers a much more customizable and user-friendly interface. ExamDiff is an easy and simple tool for visual file comparison.

ExamDiff Pro is an extremely useful tool for webmasters and web designers or anyone who has to keep copies of their files across two locations. If your question isn’t addressed, send bugs reports, feature requests, and other feedback via this PrestoSoft Contact Form. The time you save by using ExamDiff is unimaginable, and my success in my tests can be attributed partly to this fantastic tool.

It allows easy switching between vertical and horizontal splitter orientations as also allowing panes hiding and centering of the splitter. Tooltips that include properties of the file such as the different number, others.

ExamDiff System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
Updated: October 7, 2021 — 9:12 pm

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