Epic Percussion Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10

EastWest Stormdrum series has been on the market for over 10 years and was the very first epic library for percussion that was a favorite of numerous composers. Stormdrum 2 was a big success back then however, Stormdrum 3 was a much-required refresh with lots of heavy metals, big drums, and exotic instruments. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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Epic Percussion

The majority of epic orchestral loops of percussion have the tendency of making themselves the focus of attention. They have so many dynamic beats that they are placed at the forefront of the mix regardless of whether the composer would like them to be there. The purpose of this specific library is to make loops designed to serve as the basis of a cue instead of the shiny façade. The loops are specifically designed to function as supporting elements in your music, serving as a foundation they can be used to improve – but not overpower your cue.

Epic Percussion Features

The folks from Heavyocity put a lot of effort into bringing us an expansion of this incredible library, and now Damage 2 has seen the dawn of the day. It’s just as awesome as Damage 1 but bigger and more impressive in every way. It has a wealth of new content that is screaming amazing action. There are 81 loops of 4/4 variations and fifteen variations on 12/8 loops 12-variations of 3/4 loops, six variations of the 5/4 loop, and six variants of the 7/8 loop. All Patches All Patches allow users to look at the loops within the same patch and figure the one that works best for their needs.

Soundiron also comes with 22 exclusive custom-made sound FX presets designed by Soundiron to provide you with a variety of unique possibilities. The EPIC PERCUSSION provides 14 percussion instruments that are cinematic. Full retail versions of Native Instruments Kontakt version 5.5 is required to access .nki instrument presets inside this library.

Free Kontakt “Player” and “Add Library” importer are not compatible with this standard format. Open-format Kontakt library. Dual-core CPUs, 2GB System Ram, SATA, or SSD hard drive are recommended in this particular library. Additionally, we’ve included 22 distinctive FX presets that are sound-designed to provide you with plenty of imaginative choices.

Our aim is to create high-quality virtual instruments that encourage you to develop, that are uncompromising in quality and have wide flexibility. These libraries have been built on more than 20 years of engineering expertise that has been awarded and packed with nifty features and distinctive content that can’t be found elsewhere.

Taikos toms, snares kicks, hats and hybrid drum SFX for percussion, dhols frame drums, just whatever you want the PercX includes everything. The most notable feature to be found in Percy includes its Kit Generator which enables you to create entirely new music that you can use at the click of a button. However, it’s not just limited to this. Apart from creating looped music, it is possible to edit the kit using any instruments you like. You can edit and alter the created performance using PercX’s own midi editor, which is a wonderful feature. Each performance you create will be instantly synced with your favorite DAW.

How to Get Epic Percussion for Free

There are over 1000 drum samples and percussive available online for free in good studio quality. Cymatics regularly give away free percussive, they’ve got some excellent foley available. There’s a wide selection and you’ll get many different answers… It’s best to be able to get the most value from being clear about what you want.

The main part of the library is a vast collection of different taikos from large to the smallest ones, then followed by large drum ensembles, and different shakers and metals. The library is a curated collection of master drummer Mickey Hart and it also features the Remo exclusive collection of a few drums. Like all the EW libraries, you’ll require their PLAY engine to play it. The Kontakt interface has a range of sound-shaping controls that are ready for automation that give you complete creativity. You can control the swell, attack release, offset, vibrato filter, pitch (coarse and fine) as well as articulation switching cross-fading, layering, and cross-fading, and many more.

In addition, there are more than 864 loops you can mix, as well as over 700 different sound sources that include drums as well as sounds-designed damage FX. All this is packed in 60GB. You require the full version of Kontakt to use it. If you’d like to own Damage 2 it’ll cost you $399. The library is equipped with an adjustable LFO system that can be customized to include LFO shape as well as modulation target parameters such as speed as well as intensity, tempo-syncing, and fade-in time.

Additionally, you can use your preferred 12 lowpass, highpass, and FX filters. Each filter comes with the ability to assign modulation targets for velocity expression, mod wheel, after-touch keys sequencer, key position, and table control. The customizable arpeggiator provides the ability to control the velocity table as well as control over the direction of arpeggios and timing, as well as swing duration and randomization.

There’s also a wealth of free taiko and orchestral drum tracks on the internet. I have found a number on Reddit because people are able to record instruments that they have on play to local music groups. Drums are among the most simple library of samples to build as it is mostly single shots. The 40 loops are recorded on individual patches. These patches have individual hits on the bottom, and loops on top. The loops comprise all the Full Mixes, then the low middle, high and low layers are laid out individually over that.

Epic Percussion System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard Disk: 2.5 GB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
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