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The major changes concern how the program handles downloads. This means that your downloads will be more reliable. The method uses to verify files, also means you will also have more reliable or authentic files. The third difference from Napster was using file hashes, instead of just names of files when searching results. Searches for files initiated by users were based on keywords and compared to the filename lists which were stored on the server eDonkey2000 and returned an array of filenames that were paired with the hash value of the files to the user. If a user selects one of the files displayed to the user the client is actually able to start a download based on the hash value. Get More Softwares From Getintopc


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For ease of searching for files, Some websites provide the checksums for sought-after files as an ed2k hyperlink. Certain websites include lists of servers in use that users can update. EDonkey2000 is an online service that lets users download music as well as movies from websites like Napster, Rhapsody, and iTunes. It is made to work exactly like the other services, but it comes with its own distinctive characteristics that make it stand out. EDonkey2000 is a blend of the strengths and strengths of Gnutella and Rhapsody but without causing many issues. It doesn’t depend on a central server to process your request, instead, it searches servers locally, allowing you to process your request speedy.

Edonkey2000 Features

The two-level peer-to-peer network provided a compromise between central systems such as Napster and decentralized systems such as Gnutella. The area where Napster ultimately proved vulnerable was its central server network, which became an easy area of legal action. Gnutella’s original concept, which involved completely eliminating the server network, in favor of pure peer-to-peer search, soon became unworkable due to the massive overhead of search traffic between peers.

You’ll definitely enjoy more stable downloads, in the event of anything else. They’ve made changes necessary to reinstate eDonkey at the top ranks of P2P filesharing applications. MetaMachine reached an agreement with RIAA in the year 2006 as a result of which eDonkey2000 was shut down.

The most recent release of the eDonkey2000 client had an extension that allows BitTorrent file downloads. When a torrent download starts, the search feature within eDonkey will locate the exact file on the Overnet/eDonkey network and then synchronize the download. This allows the torrent to function as an alternative source for the download, significantly improving speed and practically eliminating fakes.

There are around 30 computers connected to the eDonkeyVIP network. They continuously download and update all files, allowing you to watch everything, from soccer matches to adult-oriented videos. This is also a good opportunity to earn extra cash via the Internet when you are aware of the legal restrictions to the site you’re posting your data. EMule Plus is a filesharing client that is built upon the eDonkey2000 network. EMule Plus is an evolution of the first eMule project that was created to enhance its capabilities and features, both in performance and user interface.

Through its code being available for users for distribution and modification at no cost, eMule invites people to work together as much as they can to enhance the quality of this program. After a long period of use, users have reported different experiences. However, this could depend on the other applications you run along with it. Like the program in the beginning it is more likely to encounter instability issues when you have many downloads of huge files that are running for long periods of time.

How to Get edonkey2000 for Free

A program that lets you download and share data with many millions of people around the world. Every day, fewer people are aware of how one of the top popular applications to share documents, eMule has a father application, known as eDonkey2000. The program, which is owned by MetaMachine has revolutionized the Internet and was among the first programs to integrate the new “peer to peer” technology with a user-friendly graphic environment. If you don’t know about the name, eMule is a filesharing application that’s compatible with eDonkey that allows users to transfer large amounts of data quickly.

The best part is that you don’t need to worry about adware or other malware such as adware or spy programs. EMule Plus appears to offer nearly all the advantages of eMule but it isn’t frequently updated as frequently as the original. If you’ve had frequent issues with the original eMule the eMule Plus is definitely worth giving it a shot.

monkey is an application that lets users download and share files with thousands of users around the world. It’s fast and simple to use and features the most advanced technology for sharing files. Download any kind of file fast and easily with millions of other users. It’s the most efficient and advanced file-sharing technology that is available. EDonkey offers a stylish and user-friendly interface, an anti-leeching system that is completely skin-able and features a fast search that is available across the network. The eDonkey2000 network’s users mostly share large files that can be hundreds or even tens of megabytes. These include CD games, images, videos, and software programs.

torrents are extremely “clean” in regards to Falsely labeled files and their usage as verifiers of file size along with eDonkey2000’s fake warning system that is based on the user’s input has significantly increased the efficiency of the network. This can be a great advantage in increasing the number of files accessible while also limiting the potential for problems that could arise in the same network. Initially, servers were separated from one another, similar to Napster. However, later versions of the software server software allowed servers to create the search networks. It also lets clients search for and download files that weren’t available to clients that were connected to servers on the same network.

If you’d like to play around using the program’s executable We offer it in the form of a download specifically designed for old-fashioned users. Numerous news sites claimed that on the 22nd of September, 2005, MetaMachine’s corporate offices were shut down. It was a bit of a lie due to the above news websites that looked for the former eDonkey office situated in New York. EDonkey2000 is a smooth software that needs less storage than other programs in the Downloading Software section. It’s popular software that is downloaded in the United States, Republic Of Korea as well as the United Kingdom. EMule Plus is a spin-off of the highly-profitable eMule project and is primarily aimed to enhance its user interface and performance.

Edonkey2000 System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
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