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Then, you can manually choose the files that you’d like to eliminate. These results are then exported into a text file. It’s in the category of file management and is accessible to all users of software for free download. It is available to users with all levels of proficiency and, as its portable nature, it will not require installation. You’ll be able to keep it in the form of a portable drive so that you can use it anytime and wherever you’re in need.


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Results display the names, paths, sizes of the file, date, along with the CRC32 signature for every file. This tool’s user interface may not do well in terms of visuals however, its options ought to be straightforward to comprehend. Rename files and folders using various options and a user-friendly interface. CleanGenius is a complete collection of tools for maintaining your system. It also has tools for analysis of your system that can aid you in understanding why your Mac is slow, and possibly fix the issue. Duplicate Annihilator performs the tedious task of comparing the images within your iPhoto library, using efficient algorithms to ensure that there isn’t a duplicate. Although the app isn’t brand new, it ran quickly and produced quick results.

DoubleKiller is a light and portable program that can locate redundant files in your PC to get rid of them to clear the space within your computer’s hard disk. It can be used by all customers, regardless of experience level.

Gemini 2 from MacPaw is a duplicate finder that is Mac-only and cleaner that features a fast scanning algorithm, stunning design, and a stunning user interface. A user-centric utility Gemini 2 offers you a simple and quick method to find and eliminate duplicates. Double Killer by Big Bang Enterprises is an instrument that helps to quickly locate duplicate files that are on your system based upon different variables. It cannot be installed for Mac systems, but there are other applications that can be downloaded in order to substitute Double Killer for Mac. Below are a few duplicate finders that can be used as an alternative for Double Killer for Mac. Many configuration options are available with this tool.

DoubleKiller Features

You can select the location in which you look for files by using the options panel. From there, you can include or remove different kinds of files. The interface for DoubleKiller is extremely easy to use and allows for simple use for even novice users. When the scan is completed, it shows a list of every duplicate.


The users using DoubleKiller can also select whether to look for files larger than or under a certain size. This software portable detects duplicate files on your computer to help you eliminate them fast and free up space. Singlemizer is a compact Mac software that helps to locate duplicate files on your computer.

It provides all of the vital details about each file, such as name dimension, time, and signature of CRC32. It also has several configuration options which let you customize the procedure as you see appropriate.

The app may not have the most attractive layout, but it’s simple to comprehend. Comment Rules and Etiquette We are open to any comments made by our readers, however, every comment section needs moderating. Certain posts are automatically moderated to prevent spam, which includes hyperlinks and swears words. If you post a message that doesn’t appear, it was put into moderation. We will be notified when posts are flagged as spam. We respond promptly. Examples of this include politics, religion, and posts regarding mistakes in listing. There comes a point at which duplicate files cannot be ignored.

How to get DoubleKiller Free

For instance, you could allow the app to detect duplicates in accordance with their names size, dates, or sizes. CRC32 checksums. Additionally, you can include subdirectories that you have created, create an exclusion or inclusion list of masks for files, and also modify the attributes of files (e.g. read-only, archive).

DoubleKiller is a program that lets you remove all duplicate files stored on your drive. To run the scanning process all you need to do is highlight the directory you want to scan.

If you don’t normally manage the contents of your drive then you most likely already have more than one repeat file that occupies space in an unneeded way. Please feel free to suggest any other alternatives that you can use in conjunction with Double Killer for Mac that you are aware of. There are numerous times that you’ll have to search for and remove those pesky duplicate images… Alternately you could save DoubleKiller on a USB flash drive, or other similar storage device and run it on any PC.

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