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Users have the capability to execute different kinds of file management tasks with regard to disk space analysis results as well as specific types of file or file types. Other noteworthy characteristics to be noted include the ability to carry out file management actions (e.g. copy moves, deletes, or compress) and also study disk space utilization using extensions, types, and last assessment time, as well as the most recent change or time of creation.DiskSavvy allows users to save the results of a disk space analysis in various standard formats, such as HTML, PDF, Excel, XML, CSV, text along with the original DiskSavvy reports format. Disk Savvy Ultimate is a powerful software designed to help users analyze the amount of space taken up on their disks by directories or network shares servers, hard disks, NAS devices, or all servers in the network. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Disk Savvy Ultimate

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Professional software that allows users to conduct a thorough analysis of storage devices that are connected to networks and local drives. Although their significance is understated the graphs and lists created by this application can be very helpful. The ability to visualize the files that are most demanding with regard to their storage demands is, after all an area this program is specialized in, and it can perform well.It is available for download from its official website here or look up WinDirStat as well as TreeSize Free to find other disk space analyzers for free we’ve tested. The idea of charting your files and observing the exact allocation of storage space sounds like a great idea for an application. This is the reason Disk Savvy exists — to assist you in understanding the space that is used by your files in more ways than one.

Disk Savvy Ultimate Feauters

The graphs created by this program will present you with a variety of data that are more precise than the ones before. While some pie charts focus on the use of your disk space by the category, directory, or extension, for instance, to mention just some of them, there are some that are temporal as well. For instance, the program can track your storage usage by creating, changing, and the last time you access it.

Disk Savvy Ultimate provides details regarding how to identify the file or folder that is located in the chosen location, the total number of items, and the space that is occupied. We find it equally attractive to the way Disk Savvy displays this information is the ability to open any subfolder that is opened from the top to instantly be able to see the information that is corresponding in the bottom part. This means that you don’t need to scan anything again so that the subfolders that you would like to examine are located within the parent directory you first did a scan of. 500 000 is the maximum of the number of files that it can display except if you purchase an upgrade.

Disk Savvy Ultimate

There is a myriad of custom options and useful features on every aspect of the program that you’d believe the program could be difficult to use. While it has several parameters specifically set and features a simple and simple layout that allows you to sort your results by various criteria like size, an extension of the file, creation or modification time, and username. As you’re dealing with tons of data during an analysis of your disk and exporting it into a document to sort through later or forward to your tech support representative to seek assistance, is useful.

There’s no reason to worry, almost every screen that displays the folders and files is converted to an image and then transferred to your computer for sharing. The bottom section is something we’d like to go over a bit since it’s extremely beneficial. For instance, if you sort them by extension and notice how MP3 is the biggest of all, you’ll know that the majority of the folder contains music files.

As time passes, a variety of documents and folders will accumulate within your storage space It’s a fact that most of us have dealt at least once with the necessity of deleting certain items to make room for new ones. Sometimes, it can be a little difficult to accomplish this as you’re not aware of the extent to which a specific file takes up within your storage. We love Disk Savvy a lot, not just because it is very simple to understand and read and comprehend, but also because it offers a wealth of information and perspectives that are extremely useful in aiding you in understanding what kinds of files take the largest space on your drives.

How to Get Disk Savvy Ultimate for Free

Reports can be exported as HTML, XLSX, TXT, CSV, XML, or PDF, as well as other reports on disk space usage, can be saved to a pie chart or a bar chart. One of the most significant issues that we face with this software is the fact that it is restricted to only showing half a million documents per scan. If the limit is exceeded the only way to go through the remainder of the files is to purchase the program. All directories Disk Savvy scans are listed at the top of the program, so you know which contain the most and most data. The lower portion lists all possible ways to take a look at the files.

In addition to the interface which displays the files within the drive or folder, and the proportion of space they take up it is also possible to classify the elements to provide greater precision. When you reach that desired location, you will have an option to sort it by extension, size of the file, or creation time, among others. This is done in a separate panel just below the main one and other usage metrics will be shown in accordance with the selected parameters for sorting. The reports on disk space analysis are able to be saved as HTML, CSV, XML, or other file formats. You can also export them in the SQL Database. Users are provided with a variety of analyses of disk usage and classification of files.

Disk Savvy Free Download Ultimate 13 for Windows PC is a disk space analyzer that is able to analyze networks, disks, NAS devices, as well as enterprise storage systems. Users have access to a variety of analyses of the disk’s usage as well as features for separating files that allow one to have a greater understanding of how disk space is utilized as well as save reports and perform actions to manage the files.

DiskSavvy is an analyzer for disk space capable of analyzing disks networks that share NAS equipment and corporate storage systems. Users can benefit from multiple analyses of the disk’s usage as well as features for the classification of files that allow users to gain a thorough understanding of how disk space is utilized as well as save reports. It also allows users to execute file management tasks.

Overall, Disk Savvy Ultimate proves to be a trustworthy application that comes with a full set of tools and is suitable for all kinds and types of people, whatever levels of experience. Additionally, it provides the ability to create pie charts and reports that provide valuable information on the entire process. Its “Top Files” section is notable in that it creates a list of what you’ve used most often, and gives you the option of sorting documents pictures, images, music, and video files, and much more according to dimensions. Furthermore, the tool lets you look at the detailed information in graphically presented chart formats, such as bar charts or pie charts, as well as take a copy or print off the charts onto a clipboard.

Disk Savvy Ultimate System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
  • Memory (RAM): 256MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50MB of free space required.
  • Processor: 500MHz INtel processor or later.
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