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Duplicate Files Reports show all files with the same name and/or the same size and/or the same modified date. File activity monitoring can be used to enhance existing DLP technology. It protects files and monitors access to them. It can block unauthorized file access and prevent theft, corruption, or alteration. PA File Sight provides alerts on file changes so you can detect log manipulation.

Directory Monitor

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Directory Monitor is an advanced program that allows you to keep an eye on specific folders and be notified when there are any changes. These include new files, modifications, deletions, and file access.

Monitors file modifications, deletions, and renames in real-time. Directory Monitor is a tool that can be used to monitor directories and/or network share. It will notify you in real-time of file access, modification, deletions, modifications, new or inactive files, and other information. Directory Monitor provides text logs, automation through script/application execution and emailing. It also allows for writing to a database, sound notifications, and printing. Largest Files Reports list the largest files within a directory structure.

This is why tools like SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor or ManageEngine DataSecurity PLUS were created. The tools are easy to use and have a simple configuration.

Directory Monitor allows you to monitor file access and modifications in real-time. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor’s fast system configuration makes it ideal to use for small and medium-sized businesses. The program will automatically detect connected devices after you have installed them. Within minutes, you will have a functional file monitor platform with templates already included. After you purchase a license key, an email will be sent to you. A claim link will also be sent to resellers to enable you to retrieve your key via this website.

All changes to files must be recorded and any unauthorized modifications should be reversed. You can also receive automated email alerts about user actions. Alerts can be generated for specific events, such as the deletion of files or when a user is denied access to files. This information is essential to detect suspicious behavior early.

Directory Monitor

The platform monitors file ownership, changes, read-write, deletion, and other information. This information allows you to quickly identify and respond to cyberattacks. Deep packet inspection is used by the software to identify who is using your network. To monitor network activity, user metadata is extracted from network packets. This shows when files are opened, closed, downloaded, or uploaded. ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus includes file access analytics as a premium feature. File access analytics highlights access trends, monitors access times, and detects anomalous file access.

The Best File Activity Monitoring Software

A notification system keeps you informed about developments in the network. The notifications system can tell you when files are uploaded to cloud storage either via email attachments or cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. If you suspect that an activity is malicious, you can also block uploads to cloud storage. This service can perform general monitoring tasks such as tracking file growth and recording metrics like the number of files per device or directory.

Set SSL options for specific database providers (Ticket #2740). File system changes can be made when there are network connections problems or power outages.

Depending on your preferences, information can be sent by email or uploaded to an SQL database. A third-party app can be set up to launch automatically when an event occurs. FileAudit, a real-time file monitoring software that helps to monitor employee interactions with files, is available.

The price depends on how many users you have and how many sensors you need. To get an exact price, you will need to contact the sales department. File monitoring software tracks who accessed which file and when. Internet Server Monitor uses Microsoft’s Windows Management Instrumentation (e.g. Event Log management, CPU monitoring, and memory monitoring are all examples of functions that Internet Server Monitor uses Microsoft’s Windows Management Instrumentation API. This software offers options to optimize the size and performance of WMI packets.

Site24x7 will alert you and log any file changes in the nominated directory. It scans directories for files that have not been used in a while to identify files that are suitable for the deletion or archiving. File monitoring software can show you who accessed which file in your network and when. It also shows what they did. We’ll be reviewing the top file activity monitoring software. Directory Watcher templates allow you to set up actions such as appending details to a CSV file whenever a file is created or modified.

Directory Monitor System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
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