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It is possible to run multiple instances of the application, but it writes the output TXT file each time. There is also the option of filenames that are lowercase and DOS-type filenames for creating text reports. It doesn’t require installation and is able to be employed as a portable program. It will display a list of files within the folder you select by clicking the Directory Tab.¬†Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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Directory List and Print

If you wish to preserve solely the name of files in the folder and the subfolders that are not in it without any path, there’s an alternative for this. You can also make use of it to remove the files listed by selecting all the files simultaneously. Directory List and Print is the free version of a program that was created to quickly create the list of files in specified folders. This tool lets you quickly print and create an inventory of the content of any file. The file list can be easily opened using Word and Excel as well. It is exported as a text file PDF, HTML, or XML table.

Directory List and Print Features

The most crucial factor in choosing which option is the most effective for you is the portability and this is where Directory List & Print Pro triumphs. This list lets you examine the various characteristics of each file within the folder and print directly from it and export to Microsoft Word or Excel.

Directory List for Free Download and Directory List and Print Pro 4 complete version offline standalone installation for Windows PC enables to show and print the folder and directory content in the most straightforward method. Karen’s directory printer is a GUI tool that comes with a wealth of features. Our main concern is its capability to print the names of files along with other information including the file’s size, extension as well as the date and date of most recent modification and attributes.

Directory List & Print Pro enables even more features. Furthermore, Directory List & Print displays the number of files that are available in catalogs. The configuration options are all available under the Columns tab. The free version lets you make the lists printable and copy the results to your clipboard. The software allows you to, for example, create an overview of the name of the file, the day of the week, and the size of files in the specified folder.

You can select the format of your display in accordance with the different settings in the Display tab such as Dimension, Size Time attributes, etc. It is possible to check the “Recurse Sub-directories” option if you wish to add subdirectories into the report. It will create the “DirPrint.txt” named file in the directory of the installation.

It prints only the contents of the directory that you choose. You can make the same solution by manually altering the registry settings A brief guide is available on the homepage of this program.

The configuration and display of lists of files can be individually defined using different choices and filters. The MP3 and video lists are displayed with details regarding the length.

It will generate and create a new file named DirPrint.txt that is editable or copied and paste elsewhere. There’s also FileLister the application created to create the .txt as well as a .html files from directories to print it out or make it available online later. You can set the filter to allow or deny files based on attributes (archive read-only, archive and hidden, system encrypted, compressed).

How to Get Directory List and Print for Free

You can look up the complete file’s path and names of files and also the time and time it was created, altered, or used to access the. Directory List & Print is an easier and smaller alternative to Karen’s Directory Printer. The created lists can be saved to your clipboard and pasted into other applications, or be directly added to applications such as Word and Excel with just a single click.

It offers to save as a file and the option to send an email in addition to. JR Directory Printer is a free program to display files within the directory you choose as input. To start it, you will need to select the “Run as administrator” command from the context menu.

It is a very basic application and it prints only the most current directory listings. Print directories to your printer straight from the printer or copy them to TXT files by using the “Print Directory to File” option from the File menu. It also offers the option of altering the creation or modifications dates for any file either in either batch or in a single mode. Technology Shinobi Lister for Files Lister is an excellent tool to locate all the content of any folder using an overview of trees.

It displays the contents of the folder you choose in three columns: the name of the file, its last modification, and size in KB. There are four styles for the display of output results. You can print preview results prior to printing. Print the displayed result directly to your printer. You can then send the display results to Windows Clipboard by clicking the “Copy to clipboard” button.

The desired depth for subdirectories can be selected at any time. A variety of other options to make your desired directory listings are available. The File Lister Beta is a simple directory printer program. It allows you to view the list of documents and folders in a particular folder in a neatly formatted list.

Directory List and Print System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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