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Our new database migration engine lets you transform around 1 Million records in a matter of minutes. The structure of the source database views, tables, views, and relationships are accurately and quickly transferred into a new target based on specific requirements while keeping the consistency of the database. Each DBConvert and DBSync tool includes two databases listed in the name. This means that any database in a pair could be used as a source or a destination. In addition, the same kind of database could be set up as a destination or source. Click on the Add Job button in order to add a task for the present process and save the settings. This feature allows you can schedule the transfer procedure as a scheduled task, and then start it at any point.

DBConvert Studio

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Select this option if you require reshaping the fields to the table you want to convert. If you do not want to transform all of the database data from the node that was originally created you can choose the tables you wish to convert. Let’s go with “Copy Data” – the most simple scenario in which information is moved from one source to a single destination. Data distribution scenarios help to handle more complicated cases in which data from a source database is transformed to different destinations. Full control over the migration process is possible since users can alter the process to suit their needs.

When it comes to your configuration, it is possible to may create a connection by providing the information required to each database. By default, the entire set of Source DB elements are preselected for transfer to a target database node. You can copy certain DB elements such as fields, tables primary keys, indexes views, schemas, and schemas in a single. DBConvert software makes it easy to work in the regular data processing.

DBConvert Studio is a combination of an established, stable, reliable, and time-resistant DBConvert along with DBSync Cores that have been updated to reflect the latest UX design. You can set up source and target connections to databases for any remote or local MS Windows/ Linux/ OS X or BSD-based Database servers.

DBConvert Studio Features

After completing the task, you’ll be able to see two progress bars that show the entire process of conversion as well as the progress of the operation currently. The various configuration options will be available based on the model currently in use. Check out images of the copies of data and synchronization models settings below. You can modify the settings that affect the destination and source nodes with a greater depth. If the database you want to convert is not available, DBConvert Studio will create the database for you.

DBConvert Studio

The trigger sync method boosts the speed of data synchronization by a significant amount. Bi-directional synchronization allows data replication in both directions, keeping information up-to-date across all nodes that are synchronized. “Load destination structure.” In the majority of cases, there is no need to load the structure of the destination table.

Our software builds the new database target it creates tables, tables, and indexes. Our data mapping automatically maps one type of data to its most closely related counterpart in the database’s fields. The preliminary error check helps modify the settings for the target database prior to copying if they’re not properly configured. Error checking proactively warns users to change the settings of the target database prior to copying if they’re incorrectly set up. Database connections between the source and the target can be set up for remote or local MS Windows, Linux, macOS, or BSD databases servers.

How to get DBConvert Studio Free

Bidirectional or Single-way sync to keep databases in sync across all nodes. If you require the administration of multiple databases to manage huge amounts of data more efficiently, DBConvert Studio could lend you assistance. The top relational databases in the market are very similar. Although they’re not exactly the same in terms of supported data types metadata organization, internal data manipulation capabilities.

The default settings help you save time in configuring various steps of synchronization or database migration. DBConvert Studio is an application created to assist you in transferring and synchronize data across multiple databases. This will, in turn making managing large quantities of data easier. Utilize the Insert, update and drop synchronization options to obtain the same sources and the target databases. Copy every database item including tables, schemas, primary keys, and much more to the database you want to use. You can create the number of databases you require by navigating through the Connections menu. This utility is compatible with all database formats, such as Firebird, SQLite, PostgreSQL, DB2, Azure, and MS Access.

When you open the “New Connection” window, choose the database type you want to connect out of the available compatible databases. For example, if you are looking to connect to PostgreSQL it is possible to select the hostname or default localhost port number as well as username, password, and the preferred connection characters are chosen. Additionally, you can change the name of the connection in order that you are able to recognize it more easily if you have multiple databases that are of the same kind. DBSync software is made to allow you to compare and synchronize data between databases and also to analyze similar, distinct, records that are missing or additional. DBConvert products can automatically convert SQL Views and Queries to different kinds of databases. They’re also vulnerable to errors, which can result in incorrect data in the destination after the migration. “Skip queries/views conversion.” Sometimes, you don’t have to convert views or queries.

It is possible to filter job listings according to kind by clicking on the appropriate tab that is located on the right side of the job section.

If you require the transfer of the information to several databases, you may select Data Distribution. Data Distribution model. In default, every item in the database that includes tables, schemas primary keys, indexes, and views, are copied to the databases of choice.

DBConvert Studio System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 120 MB of free space required.
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