Davinci Resolve Studio 14 Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10

12 groups of touch-sensitive rotary control knobs with illuminated buttons. They can be assigned to fader strips or single channels, as well as the master bus. LCD screen with touch-sensitive control knobs and built-in search dial. Full keyboard with multifunction keys.

Davinci Resolve Studio 14

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This powerful program offers many features that make it difficult to list them all. It can handle multiple sizes, regardless of whether you’re working with 4K footage or standard definition VHS home video footage.

Fusion’s core functionality is built on a modular, node-based interface. Each node represents a specific aspect of the overall effect being implemented. Fairlight Studio Console with 1 channel fader and 1 channel control. Also includes 2 LCD monitors, 1 audio editor, and 2 bay chassis. There are many workflows and systems that you can use, so it is important to have a post-production solution that is compatible with all of them. DaVinci Resolve is compatible with all types of storage, including NAS and SAN systems. DaVinciResolve can be extended with third-party Open FX and audio plugins. You can also add title and motion graphics templates. Developers can integrate workflow and asset management systems using DaVinci Resolve’s new workflow integration and encoding APIs.

Fairlight Console Chassis Leg Set 8 Deg

You can add up to 2,000 tracks and real-time processing of dynamics, EQ, dynamism, 6 plug-ins per track plus MADI for an additional 64 inputs or outputs. When building Fairlight studio consoles, you can use alternative HDMI or SDI TVs and monitors. Features 12 motorized faders and rotary control knobs. Also illuminated buttons for pan/solo, mute, call, and bank select. For those who need a slightly angled work surface, Fairlight Studio console legs are at an 8o angle.

Davinci Resolve Studio 14

This thorough research will help you choose the best software platform to meet your company’s needs. Fairlight Studio Console allows mounting of standard rack-mount equipment up to 19 inches in the channel control area.


This metal search dial features a clutch and extra edit, trim, and timecode keys. Blackmagic Design hardware and software were used by more than 55 of 2018’s fall TV and streaming series, including DaVinci Resolve. Davinci Resolve had only 100 users in 2009, but Blackmagic Design acquired the software and hardware. The free version had more than 2,000,000 users as of January 2019.

Integrated audio tools include compression/expansion, limiting, gating, and parametric EQ. Pre-built versions of Resolve were the only options available and sold for anywhere from $200,000 to $800,000. This was common practice in the industry at the time. Version 7 was released by Blackmagic Design in September 2010. It was also the first macOS release. It featured a redesigned user interface and Apple ProRes support. Also, it supported the Red Digital Cinema RED Rocket digital decoder boards. DaVinci Resolve, a non-linear and color correction application for macOS, Windows, and Linux, was originally developed by da Vinci Systems and is now being developed by Blackmagic Design. It was acquired by da Vinci Systems in 2009. Blackmagic Design distributes the full commercial version, as well as a reduced-functioning free edition called DaVinci Resolve. DaVinci Resolve 14 can be used by anyone who is familiar with editing.

The Editor Keyboard includes a standard keyboard and components that control Resolve software. It is designed to allow 2 hands to edit tasks. Blackmagic Design announced DaVinci Resolve version 16 at NAB 2019 in April 2019.

On the date of the announcement, the initial beta version 16 was available. The final version 16.0 was released on 08/08/2019. A beta version for version 16 was also made available. DaVinci Neural engine is cross-platform and uses the most recent GPU innovations for AI/deep learning to deliver unparalleled performance and quality. The DaVinci Neural Engine is a simple tool that solves complex, repetitive, and time-consuming problems. It uses facial recognition to organize clips into bins, based on the people involved in the shot. Also, it can reframe photos. Version 15 was released in 2018. It included an integrated version of Fusion compositing/visual effects software. This application was developed in 1987. Blackmagic Design acquired it in 2014.

Blackmagic Design has also launched separate hardware control panels to interface with Resolve. These panels are tactile and offer additional shortcuts. The DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel and Mini Panel are examples of these panels. Fairlight console complete with 4 channel faders and 4 channel controls. There is also an audio editor, 5 LCD monitors, and a 5 bay chassis. Complete Fairlight console, including 3 channel faders and 3 channel controls, 1 editor, 4 LCD monitors, and 4 bay chassis. Fairlight complete studio console, with 2 channel faders. 2 channel controls. 1 audio editor. 3 LCD monitors.

It is a good idea to list the critical functions you need to examine, such as key features, budget, technical skills of employees, and business size. These DaVinci Resolve 14 reviews will help you to examine each software option in your list.

For those who need a flat surface, Fairlight Studio console legs are at 0o angle.

Davinci Resolve Studio 14 System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 8 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB of free space required.
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