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Research and research in this area of science of mechanics, which has taken place in the course of time, taking the form of various standards which, if they are the most important Most accepted standard in the field BS 7910 is. The standard defines equations according to which the horizontal portion in the chart for assessing the damage the stresses on structures and pipes can be determined. Many software programs have been designed to meet this standard which makes CrackWISE an example of one of the tops on the market.

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The quantity of bearing tubes and equipment used in dealing in a deal with Turks and possible failures as well as the extent of damage that can be calculated and analyzed. The software reveals the 20-year working experience and history as well as being one of the most effective software in the area of work that is well-known. TWI CrackWise software is designed to analyze and assess the mechanics behind cracks in the solid-state, which is based on the standard BS 7910. This field of science is of mechanics, both from the perspective of mechanics in the continuum, and the discrete scenario investigated. This field of study has a broad use in the fields of shipbuilding, construction structures, particularly concrete, and so on. Engineering and geophysical sciences mechanical and medical engineering There are many applications for this science.

Calculate the tolerance of pipes and equipment made of metal against possible fractures and cracks. The ability to automate the evaluation of fatigue and fracture procedures for engineering critical assessments. Allows engineers to precisely assess the quality of welding on pipelines, pressure equipment, and other intricate structures.

CrackWise Features

The TWI CrackWise is a professional software in the mechanic’s area for analyzing and studying fracture mechanics of solids according to BS7910. It is an innovative application that offers solutions to new issues like problems with the process in the formation of cracks, as well as the expansion that occurs in solids and their effect on the deformation, damping, and degradation of structures. It is extensively utilized in shipbuilding, specifically in geophysics, concrete, mechanical engineering, geology as well as medical engineering. It has an easy-to-use interface, providing a comfortable environment for professionals and newly-initiated CrackWise users. Utilizing this software, which is based on the suggested standard, data input is analyzed using fracture mechanics equations, and the risk and risk levels for the equipment that is prone to failure are determined. The software has twenty years of expertise and can be described as one of the most effective programs in this area.


In summary, TWI CrackWise is a vast program with easy and customizable options to automate processes for evaluating fatigue and fracture for evaluation of technology-related issues. It is extensively used in the shipbuilding industry, particularly in geophysics, concrete, mechanical engineering, geology, and medical technology. It is one of the most effective tools in the field of mechanical sciences, which allows engineers to inspect the strength of welds to pipelines, gears, and other intricate structures. The input data, using the fracture mechanics equations are evaluated and the risk and the risk for equipment that is sensitive to fail is determined. Utilizing this program engineers will be able to easily determine to check the status of the connections pipes, the Integrity areas of water.

How to get CrackWise Free

TWI CrackWise is a program for analyzing and studying the mechanics of fractures in solids as per BS 790. Crack mechanics, also known as fracture mechanics, is a part of solid mechanics which studies questions like crack mechanics, the process of crack formation and expansion within structures and solids, and their effect on deformation and decay of structures.

With this program, you can determine and analyze pipes for flat flaws, for example, problems in welding. The reason for these flaws that occur in the welding industry is an insufficient melting process and the penetration of metal in sufficient grooves. The standard Equations is constructed by the basis of which can be a part of the damage to the horizontal chart, strains imposed on the pipe, and the solid structure was not calculated. Numerous applications follow this standard, as long as CrackWISE CrackWISE one of the most effective in the field is. With this program, you can for the imperfections of imperfections that are flat-like in acne-metallic pipes. The defects are measured and analyzed.

The motive for this type of defect in welding engineering is that they do not melt and penetrate the metal sufficiently to form slots, welding is described. This program was created the automate the assessment of fatigue and fracture for engineering critical evaluation.

It is a reliable solution for the process of the formation of fractures, the expansion that happens in solids, and the impact of these expansions on deformation. Calculate the tolerance of pipes and equipment made of metal against the possibility of cracks and fractures. Professional software for investigating and evaluating the fracture mechanics of solid materials in accordance with BS7910. Offers a reliable solution to the process for the formation of fractures, the growth taking place in solids, and the effects of these growths on deformation. Professional tool for studying and assessing the fracture mechanics of solids based on BS7910. Free download TWI CrackWise full version offline standalone installer for Windows It is an automated version of BS7910 for critical engineering assessment.

It is widely used in the shipbuilding industry specifically in concrete, geophysics and geology, mechanical engineering, and medical engineering. This is a standalone installation and offline installer for Windows Operating System. It’s a complete standalone installation for offline installation for TWI CrackWise for free. Here are some of the most notable features you can expect to be able to experience following the TWI CrackWise Free download.

This area of mechanical science is examined from two perspectives of mechanics: continuous and discrete environment. This field of study is used extensively to build ships, the creation of structures, particularly geophysics, concrete as well as medical engineering. Research and development that are based on this field of mechanical science have been published in the past through the use of various standards, one of the most widely accepted and important one being BS 197910 within the industry. Finally, TWI CrackWise is a professional software in the field of mechanisms for investigating and assessing the fracture mechanics of solids based on BS7910. Finally, CrackWise is user-friendly, which provides a user-friendly environment for professionals, as well as first-time CrackWise users. Therefore, it’s sophisticated software that can solve new problems, such as those related to the process that causes fractures and the growth of solids and their impact on deformation, decay, and senility of structures.

TWI CrackWise CrackWise is a complete application that is packed with simple and highly customizable options for automating the process of assessing fatigue and fracture for critical engineering assessment. It is among the most efficient tools available in the mechanical sciences field that permits engineers to precisely assess the integrity of welding on pipelines as well as pressure equipment and other intricate structures. Additionally, engineers can assess and evaluate the status of connections on pipes, their reliability as well as the resistance of the pipe as well as the metal equipment to possible cracks and fractures, and the severity of the damage.

CrackWise System Requirements

  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8..1/10
  • Processor: 2.6 GHz Processor or higher
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB
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