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It uses the same core engine (Bitsum’s processgovernor.exe), so you get the same algorithm with either product, and the two do not conflict with one another. However, CPUBalance offers an additional icon for the system tray and provides easier access to ProBalance features. In the near future, CPUBalance will add additional UI features that will not be included within Process Lasso. But it is true that Process Lasso is always the big dog and is the ‘up-sell that includes everything, including all of our algorithms. In all aspects, CPUBalance can become a trusted tool for controlling the performance of processes that use CPU particularly for those who are often working with several applications simultaneously. The main screen displays all the processes ProBalance managed to keep under control There’s an option for Files in the upper left corner, as well as the Advanced Settings menu that you can tweak to improve the manner in which ProBalance performs its work.Get More Softwares From Getintopc


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Our ProBalance algorithm was for a long time used just within Process Lasso but is available as a feature in CPUBalance without the need that Process Lasso. You can install it in conjunction with Process Lasso and runs it flawlessly. After a fast installation, which isn’t too complicated, CPUBalance gets integrated into the systray when you start up however it does not catch your focus. Additionally, it is added into the Windows autostart sequence, which runs continuously whenever you turn on your computer. CPUBalance utilizes proprietary technology that is found inside Process Lasso to ensure that the system is responsive in the event of high load or even to prevent the need for a hard reset in an emergency.

Cpubalance Feauters

Once it’s started up, the program starts keeping the watch on the running processes by observing their activities, including the time they launched and any priority changes. When you click the tray icon, it opens up the main window which displays the list of all running processes that are sorted according to the restriction number.

It’s downloaded nearly 400k times and has been rated 5-star on MajorGeeks. If you’re using Process Lasso already, then you’re not required to download this application. It does have the latest technology until the release of v9 with a new icon in the system tray to display ProBalance interactions as well as an updated frequency of Action metric.


It utilizes Bitsum’s ProBalance optimization algorithm to ensure that your system is flexible during intense CPU loads. CPUBalance allows you to limit CPU Hogs in order to improve the responsiveness of your PC. Filters can be used when you’re trying to find the exact time of an occasion. CPUBalance is available in 3264-bit as well as 32 Windows versions.

A small amount of time and effort will be spent installing CPUBalance and also finding out the interface. CPUBalance utilizes Bitsum’s ProBalance optimization algorithm to ensure that your system is active during heavy CPU load. CPUBalance is an element of Process Lasso which is a program created to monitor and alter the way your processes and services operate.

Apart from the count of restraints, You can also view the names, frequency of the actions, as well as the last time the restraint was in effect. To stop the program from impacting a process’s priority one can include it in the exclusion list using the menu right-click. The program can run as a stand-alone application or in conjunction with Process Lasso, enhancing its already existing ProBalance feature. CPUBalance provides our renowned ProBalancealgorithm that has been shown to keep system responsiveness intact when a CPU is under heavy load. While it’s not able to solve all issues with responsiveness, however, the impact it has on heavy CPU load, even with modern multi-core CPUs, is remarkable.

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The ProBalance algorithm is a tried-and-tested demonstrated, tested, and verified algorithm to increase Windows PC responsiveness during high load CPUs. It performs admirably and, as a result, it’s easy to demonstrate in both real-world and synthetic tests.

It’s never enjoyable to work on a system that regularly fails to respond because it lacks processing power. The algorithm keeps CPU hogs in control to ensure that your PC remains active. ProBalance algorithm can be actively tested in both real and synthetic tests.

Real-world demos such as saving a file using an editing program for multimedia is an excellent example. your PC is brought into an inefficient condition until you turn off from the application, and then you can see the difference between day and night. You can make your own high-load demonstration, and it does not require any other than an ordinary priority class using regular priority threads.

It’s the minimum required to significantly alter the speed of response of Windows until the point that it becomes unusable. This is the issue that ProBalance solves. CPUBalance is a real-time CPU optimization software that incorporates Process Lasso’s renowned ProBalance algorithm. This technology is proven to keep the system’s responsiveness even during heavy processing.

Even with a perfectly tuned computer and well-managed applications, Our ProBalance algorithm could save your system from a hard reset in the worst-case scenario. If an application or procedure consumes too much power, your computer may cease to function properly. To put it in the other way CPU hogs cause your computer to stop working.

The default setting of CPUBalance is to automatically start when it starts and then automatically scan for updates. This means it will begin running upon booting up your computer and once it is launched, it will locate and download the most recent updates. Reducing lags and restoring the speed of your PC by controlling background processes using Bitsum’s renowned ProBalance algorithm.

The ProBalance algorithm that is used within CPUBalance has been shown to maintain system responsiveness even when there is a high CPU load. While it’s not able to solve all issues with responsiveness but it does have a significant impact on a workload CPU, and even on the latest multi-core CPUs. While CPUBalance is able to stand out against Process Lasso, it can be used in conjunction with it to ensure seamless integration.

Simply let it go and it will be monitoring the running processes to ensure they’re not consuming your CPU. As I’ve mentioned in the beginning that the goal of CPUBalance is keeping CPU-hogging programs under the loop and ensure your computer is responsive even under the heaviest CPU load. By doing this, you’ll gain a better understanding of which programs typically consume more CPU.

Cpubalance System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Memory (RAM): 256 MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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