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The tool can support a wide variety of code metrics and permits the visualization of dependency relationships using directed graphs and dependency matrices. It also allows the comparison of snapshots from codebases and validates the quality and architectural rules. Rules that are user-defined can be created by using LINQ queries. This tool also has an extensive set of pre-defined CQLinq code rules. This page lets you discover static analyzers and tools to aid in improving the quality of your code. The tools are reviewed by peer other developers to ensure they meet the highest standards. Dashboards have been enhanced within Visual Studio’s CppDepend UI in Visual Studio and in the generated reports section. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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According to my, the issue is with macros and templates that are used in C++ code. Could you please explain to me how to export a report that I have created using CppDepend? It’s not like I have regulations that I have created I’m just looking for the report to be exported to excel sheets or something that can be parsed other than HTML reports. Join and share information in one location that is well-organized and easy to find. The access to this page was refused because we believe you’re using automated tools to access the website. It is commonly referred to as the Swiss Army Knife designed for C or C++ programmers.

Cppdepend Features

These queries contain C# formulas to compute accurate technical debt estimations. A dozen standard Quality Gates are proposed by CppDepend that are based on measures such as the amount of technical debt as well as the coverage of code or the number of problems with a particular degree. I’m trying to find a solution to avoid this issue perhaps I can assist Cppdepend in identifying these dependencies. I didn’t find any community/forums/groups/blogs where developers can discuss this tool to find answers to their questions.

Assistance for Code Query via LINQ to create custom queries and rules. With their help they allow us to make the site accessible to all users. Improvado provides an ETL platform that pulls data from more than 200 connectors that are pre-built transforms it and effortlessly loads the results at any location you require them. There are no more Tedious manual tasks, errors, or discrepancies. For any other issues related to CppDepend 2. X Please contact us via email at, we’ll attempt to resolve the issue in the shortest time possible. The use of statements based on opinions and backed by evidence of personal experience or references. Executives are able to control the risks and costs because more light is being shed on the patterns and developments which are crucial.

This is the reason CppDepend can be the one tool to provide an initial baseline for Visual Studio. It estimates the progress of Technical Debt over time, compared to the baseline. Hexagon employs CppDepend to discover the relationships that can be improved, as well as be aware of the scope of modularization. CppDepend is a great tool for showing the areas where they could use more contemporary codes and patterns as well as solutions.

If you have to decode the results, you can use the XML files created after the analysis. You can look them up in the location of the place where the report was generated. Recently discovered code smells that need to be corrected prior to making any code available for Source Control are identified in Visual Studio. The code can then be improved prior to reaching Source Server. Since quality is monitored automatically and continuously, with keen attention to recent changes included in Visual Studio and DevOps team, they can create more efficient code.

It is now comprised of estimates of technical debt Quality gates, rules, and other information. For each of the data, an indicator on the visual side illustrates the change from the baseline.

Additionally, the official site does not contain releases notes, bug reports, “what’s new” list. I’ve come across a cppdepend program to analyze large projects.

How to Get Cppdepend for Free

ETAS GmbH uses CppDepend to monitor the dependencies between their modules in order to be aware of prohibited dependencies that are introduced through code modifications.

The new version has been improved quite a little and shows the impact of code modifications on quality. CppDepend must be a must-have tool for all developers. CppDepend’s code rule guidelines are C# LINQ queries that are developed and modified in just a few seconds.

Overall, I am impressed with the constant improvement of the product over time by introducing the ability to test coverage as well as things related to CI like sonar or Jenkins. Also, I’d like to appreciate your support staff who are always accommodating and quick to respond. Integrate CppDepend in your build process and receive highly thorough reports to stop the degradation of the quality of your code. Codacyautomatically reviews the security, style duplication, complexity, and coverage of every modification while tracking the quality of your code throughout your sprints. It combines a robust Code Editor together with an astonishing variety of analysis and static tools to transform your approach to working using code. Quality Gates Quality Gate can be described as a verification of the quality of a code that needs to be enforced prior to the release of code and then, after that, before making a commitment to the source control. A Quality Gate could be interpreted as a PASS/FAIL test for the quality of software.

It was an excellent chance for our students to swiftly revise the best practices, discover common errors and enhance their codebase. They also had the chance to debate certain aspects of quality control within their code for the duration of the class. We employ the CppDepend to look at the source daily. It is also connected to Sonarqube by using the Sonarqube plugin. CppDepend is the final check of the source code.

Cppdepend System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
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