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The CopyTrans Manager can manage all your music and other files of the iOS device. Do you have an iPad, iPod, or Apple device, and you find it challenging to manage your multimedia content that comprises the video files and audio tracks on a device? It’s now the time you require a program that comes in really handy for making certain that you’re capable of handling all such features in just a few simple clicks. The app can skip the usage of iTunes, so you don’t require it for managing your device. It can also support all iPad, iPod, and iPhone models.Do Remix OS Player Download

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It can also support the faster transition of your files between different devices in that you’re capable of running different basic edit features all within the user interface. The features comprise paste, copy, delete, and rename functions. The tool is very lightweight that can make certain that you can simply run the .exe file within the user interface, and the entire thing is installed on your system. Within its user interface, you’ll meet an incredible and vibrant organizer that can make certain that you’re capable of organizing all such programs in a simulation with the least meddling.Do RivaTuner Download

Features Of The CopyTrans Manager:

  • Edit Track Titles & Artwork:

The app is a powerful iPod, iPhone, or iPad companion. You can edit iPhone video and music titles. Change iPod album genres and names in a few simple clicks and without requiring iTunes. You can edit other meta-data like the song lyrics and track ratings.

  • Append Music To iPad, iPhone, & iPod On The Go:

The program permits you to rapidly drag & drop your videos and music files from the computer directly to the iPod, iPhone, or iPad. It is a lightweight alternative to iTunes. You can also utilize CopyTrans Manager on various computers to append podcasts, playlists, ringtones, and audiobooks to iPhone or other iOS devices without the requirement for the iTunes synchronization.

Copytrans Manager

  • Intuitive & Clean User Interface:

The graphical user interface has a simple window with a simple-to-navigate structure, where your different media files from your iOS device are shown at startup right away, allowing the users to check different info, comprising rating and play count for every item.

  • Manage iPod Or iPhone Playlists:

Make new playlists or edit the already accessible ones easily. Utilize the tool for appending or removing videos and songs to the custom-made iPhone playlists. You can easily change the order of the songs within playlists using drag & drop function. The CopyTrans Manager doesn’t need installation and can really make organizing your iPhone playlists easy, and can also track simply on one or on diverse computers without iTunes.

Installation & Usage Of CopyTrans Manager:

The CopyTrans Manager app download is a compact and small program with the setup kit that just measures four MB total in size. Consequently, the downloading and installation procedure ought to be a breeze. A control center will install on the PC, and you ought to be content to discover that it is the only tool that will be installed on the PC, no bundled spyware/adware, 3rd-party tools, or toolbars. In terms of the system requirements, it provides support for all of the versions of Windows starting from Windows XP.

Copytrans Manager

Once you connect your iOS device to the PC, the app will show all the saved audio files, comprising ringtones, on the UI. You can go through all of your files, from A to Z, or simply access the personal playlists. What is more, the tool permits you to filter your files by genre, category, album, and artist. Songs can be queued or played at any time, with the incorporated player of the program. If you want to append new songs to the device, you can import them using the Open dialog or by dragging & dropping your files over the UI.

For preventing serious errors, the changes the users make will be made lasting just when they click the Update option. Another helpful feature is the editing possibility of the metadata of the audio file. You can also change its artist, title, album, and other information, append cover pictures, and more. The great thing about the CopyTrans Manager Download is that all can be accomplished on the go, on a single window. You do not need to open any menus on separate windows or run through innumerable sections to search for a specific option.


  • Built-In Player: 

There’s a Music Player in the program that allows you to play your music from the device through a PC. Simply choose the song(s) you desire and hit Play. If your files are in the MP3 format, the tool will play them right away. But if they’re bought through iTunes, you will need to install the suitable codecs for playing M4P or M4A files, and the program will guide you through the procedure of doing so.

  • Nice UI: 

The CopyTrans Manager Download presents options and features clearly, so you can rapidly run through all of your music files on the device and all the related info. Once you connect the iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad, you will see a list of your files on a device. For appending more music, all you need to do is simply drag & drop your files from the PC right into the tool.


  • No storage: 

While it is nice to be capable of playing the music through your PC, that capability just exists when the device is connected to your PC. Once disconnected, all of your data is gone, since the tool itself does not save anything.


  • Limited File Types: 

This tool is only helpful for managing videos and music on the iOS device. If you are interested in transferring apps, photos, or other data types, you will need to install a separate application.

How To Remove The App?

When a new application is installed on the computer, that app is appended to the list in Programs & Features. When you desire to remove the app, you can navigate to the Programs & Features for uninstalling it. So when you desire to uninstall the CopyTrans Manager Download, you can make use of the following steps to do so:

  • Open Programs & Features:

Windows 7 & Windows Vista: First, click on the Start button > enter uninstall a program in the Search bar > click on the first matching result.

Windows 8.1, Windows 8, & Windows 10: First, open the WinX menu by simply holding the Windows and X buttons at the same time > click on Programs & Features.

  • Search for the CopyTrans Manager download > click on it > choose Uninstall option for starting the uninstallation.

Copytrans Manager


There’re a lot of similar programs to the CopyTrans Manager download available on the market. Let’s have a glance at a few of them. The following programs fall into this category: TuneUp Media, Sharepod, YamiPod, Aiseesoft iPhone + iPod PC Suite, SYNCiTunes, and a lot more.

The Bottom Line:

The CopyTrans Manager Download is an excellent option if you frequently desire to bypass iTunes when moving songs from the PC to the iOS device. It’s convenient setup and clear UI make it excellent for this purpose, but if you are searching for a method for managing all of your data on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, you might be a little disappointed. The app is totally free for downloading and using, however, so it is worth trying to check if it’ll help you.

Updated: October 4, 2020 — 3:04 pm

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