ControlMyNikon Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10

Set camera settings with an intuitive interface on your computer monitor instead of the tiny LCD screen on the camera. The image browser can be used for looking over and assessing the image quality photos using zoom features.

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It is available for Windows computers as well as compatible Nikon cameras that are compatible with Nikon. Information, tutorials, and software are available direct from ControlMyNikon. Simply set up Windows Speech Recognition, put on a headset equipped with a boom microphone, and then instruct the camera to record an image.

Make commands available to ControlMyNikon through your own application or email each image after capturing for further processing via batch files. An excellent, inexpensive remote that you can use in live view.

The most well-known versions of the program are 5.5, 5.3, and 5.2. The program is the intellectual property of Tetherscript Technology Corp. ControlMyNikon.exe is the name used by users to identify the program’s installer. Make use of any gray or white card to make sure that your color balance remains in the right place. Thermo, vibration, and pressure sensors are also available in the program. Free download ControlMyNikon Pro v5 which allows for the control and management of Nikon cameras remotely.

The photo file can be saved immediately to your computer. You can then replicate it in a synchronized folder, without using memory cards or any other software. In the end, ControlMyNikon can be successfully utilized for school, commercial lab, or different shoots that need exact images. It offers a simple layout with excellent output results, however, it consumes memory and CPU, and the overall functionality of the device can be impacted. It is easy to capture images and apply a white balance to your personal White Balance settings. Separate from the live display, the image browser, or the two, and put them on another monitor.

ControlMyNikon Features

This can be a significant time-saver when you don’t have an assistant who can adjust the light or compose. You can take a picture or film with your voice internet browsers, electronic sensors as well as sound, mouse phidgets and remote Powerpoint connections, an external app, or keyboard. This program makes it simpler for users to label folders and files by incorporating numbers, dates, and other information from multiple sessions of shooting. Furthermore, it’s capable of saving a copy of the image you took to a different place, for example, a network drive as well as a USB drive. ControlMyNikon is an advanced tethering program for Nikon DSLRs. It lets you take pictures on your desktop. It can handle everything the basic controlling your camera remotely all the way up to technical shots that require a lot of effort. Dynamic Names for Folder and File Names – Benefit from ControlMyNikon’s many choices for names for folders and files.


It includes the copy stand feature, guidelines for composition focus peaking, both inner and outer markers for exposure, overlays, slide simulation, reduction of jitter cropping and rotation overrides. Timelapses – Make use of this advanced intervalometer tool to create a sequence of timelapse videos or clips. You can also create a start and stop time, and then chain it by using bracketing. You can instruct your camera to take photographs by altering Windows technology for voice recognition and using a headset as well as a microphone.

How to get ControlMyNikon Free

Make use of a barcode scanner for secure data entry. The organization of all your images has never been easier. It is ideal for holding lights while simultaneously shooting. TCP/IP: shoot when you receive a command via a customized app. Once you’re ready to shoot, simply press the Shoot button or press the shutter release keyboard, mouse as well as one of our customizable triggers. Utilize the built-in Image Browser to test your composition, focus, exposure, and metadata.

Additionally, you can look over metadata, search using a magnifier for images, edit content with an external editor filter information by extension, and then switch to full-screen mode. Change the camera settings, and save the profile as an image profile. You can create as many profiles as you want and change profiles as required. Use the camera, snap pictures, then display the photos on a monitor in your computer for display to your friends. There is no need to display the photos you want to display on the small display of the camera.

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All you have to do is click and point to change your settings in the ControlMyNikon screen, and you’re ready to go. If you’re shooting with strobes, and discover that the live view is too light, ramp up the brightness until you can compose easily. It is possible to try out additional software like SLT Reverse Directory, Maxx PDFMAILER, or MTC. These could be connected to ControlMyNikon. It turns the Android into a barcode scanner for Windows using a keyboard emulator. Make a list of camera commands, which you can save and then use in the future.

Utilize the live view’s Copystand mode to ensure that you can compose easily by dragging the subject onto the copy stand. Backups – For secure preservation, you can utilize ControlMyNikon’s mirroring function to copy an image copy of the captured image to a different location, for example, an internet connection or USB drive.

ControlMyNikon System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 70 MB of free space required.
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