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When you’ve finished this stage, you’re now able to start the installer. The installer wizard’s welcome screen is actually a License Agreement, which you are able to read and agree to. ContaCam is a video Surveillance Software along with a Live Webcam solution for Windows. We wish that the software is reliable and can do what it says. Use fun image enhancements and utilize webcam software to stay connected. The laws governing how to use this program differ from one country to the next. We do not recommend or approve of any use of this software when it is in contravention of the laws.

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This program can be used with nearly any device for recording which can work as a standalone device or in conjunction together with your PC. There’s no limit to the number of recording devices that you can use this program at the same time. This software can be used or launched as a Windows Service and the software can also allow you to view all recordings at a distant location such as your laptop or phone. ContaCam additionally allows audio support via cameras that can support audio. ContaCam doesn’t require the most advanced technology to function effectively. Because the program was designed to be able to accommodate storage efficiency, it requires minimal processing power to provide the desired results whether for home or office. ContaCam is a surveillance video software that is compatible with every system starting from Vista to 10.

Contacam Features

This means that regardless of the capabilities of your PC you’ll be able to master the task as a professional in no time. On the primary screen, the program gives you numerous instructions regarding connecting your camera. ContaCam is a complete software application that will meet all your needs for video surveillance. It can be installed on your PC and connected to multiple video cameras to your computer and then use as your own personal DVR. ContaCam offers you dependable streaming webcam software that is free that you can use as video surveillance.

CleanIt’s highly likely that this software is safe. If you’re a store owner, homeowner, or like feeling a sense of security ContaCam is the program that you must use to make you feel at ease. ContaCam is an essential tool for anyone searching for security software that can be used to monitor video. Capture videos and photos Upload them to Facebook with a single click and alter the settings of your camera.

ContaCam is lightweight, quick, and able to fulfill all your security requirements while being user-friendly and capable to run on the most basic of systems. With just a few clicks, users can select the fields of interest, establish mobile and desktop alerts, set the recording duration, keep track of historical events, and many other options. In all the surveillance software is without a doubt among the top you can purchase.

Making video with a single camera or device isn’t sufficient in the modern world. This application allows individuals and devices connected from various places to record a single video. It also considers your disk space and automatically removes unnecessary and unwanted data from your hard drive. Change between motion detection and continuous recordings.

The software integrates with Plate Recognizer for recognition of license plates. Contact is the remote monitoring software I’ve discovered that is available for Windows. Due to its small size and usage of resources on your system, it’s lightning-fast and won’t cause any problems or slow down your system.

The user-friendly and simple graphical interface lets you monitor your system easily and alter. It is available in multiple languages and for any operating platform that runs from Windows Vista up to Windows 10. You can have multiple cameras open and monitored simultaneously and receive various alerts when the system detects motion and is able to detect any movement.

How to Get Contacam for Free

It is able to record on multiple devices, removing out any unnecessary data, as well as recording and storing them. The most common use of this program that comes to mind is surveillance footage as well as streaming. Both require a variety of cameras at the same time and it’s amazing that a program will allow users to record. ContaCam provides a robust and simple CCTV system that is particularly suitable for small and home-based businesses or homes. It permits real-time monitoring motion detection, as well as continuous or event-based recording. As far as free monitoring tools go it definitely stands out. While the interface of ContaCam is uninspiring and outdated but it’s still user-friendly.

ContaCam is a Security Surveillance and Live Webcam solution for Windows that is compatible with an infinite amount of WDM, DV, and Network cameras. This application can live-stream images with the option of historical tracking. The ContaCam software lets you capture using different devices to serve multiple purposes using one user-friendly interface.

ContaCam is easy to use and lets users quickly master the use of the interface by providing simple control. You can choose how long you want to save the documents on your hard disk. The program is available in a variety of languages, including English, German, Chinese, etc.

ContaCam can be run on Windows and is able to be launched immediately as a native program on the Windows platform. We’ve already explained that ContaCam is a reliable method to transform your computer and cameras into a DVR. Now, you’ll discover the reasons why this software is so efficient in video surveillance.

The first step is to navigate to the Camera menu and choose any of the cameras connected to your computer. If you intend to use ContaCam with a network camera choose the right option at the prompt. It can be set up to function as a motion-triggered security system or as a live webcam. This way, you’ll receive alerts on upcoming events or be open 24/7 and check the feed at any time you’d like.

Contacam System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7.8, 8.1, and 10.
  • Processor dual-core processor
  • RAM:  4 GB of RAM
Updated: December 22, 2021 — 1:07 am

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