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The history of the clipboard remains the computer is rebooted. AES-256-based encryption guarantees your data is secure. Install our clipboard tool and you’ll not lose any data after copying. This tool that runs on Windows start-up, will save every clipboard item that is copied to the database.

Clipdiary 5

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All you need to do is hit the Hot button or click on the icon for the program in the tray of your system. Its contents on the Windows clipboard change constantly when you use it to copy and paste details. Perhaps you copied some fascinating data from a webpage but then lost track of it and didn’t paste it in the place you want? Did you know that yesterday, you copied or pasted some data from one location (an email, a short note, a website, or a chat.) to another? Now, you can discover that particular piece of information quickly by exploring the clipboard history. There’s an abundance of options waiting to be discovered in the program, so it might take a while until you are able to find the entire list. The great thing is that a wizard is loaded on the very first launch of the program and gives you a comprehensive description of the most important tools.

It’s likely that it’s in a file somewhere, and you could retrieve it by opening the document in question and locating the appropriate location and choosing the text fragment then copying it back. But it’s much quicker and simpler to copy the clipboard text history. In the end, ClipDiary is one of the most effective clipboard managers available that are available on the market with a dazzling features package. It features a sleek and well-thought-out GUI with powerful features and a wealth of information that will draw in all types of users.

Customize shortcuts that will automatically generate a new copy of the text to be clipped onto the board. Although Clipdiary can be a bit clunky and at first difficult to use, however, we believe it does its job well and could be beneficial to those who copy and paste a lot of information. Have you come across information that’s not relevant for you at the moment but maybe helpful later on? Don’t worry, simply save it to your clipboard, and later you’ll be able to locate it in the history of your clipboard. You’ve copied a formatted text but do you want to paste it in plain text? Don’t worry – just Press Ctrl + Shift+V in any program to paste it, and Clipdiary will take out the formatting automatically for you. Some time ago, you came across a fascinating article on the internet, and then have you sent the hyperlink (say by copying and pasting it into the email) to a friend and now you require to send the link over for the second time?

Clipdiary 5 Features

This application lets you save and reuse the clipboard history. The Clipdiary tool is available for free download from our library of software. The interface for the program can be difficult, but it’s not impossible to navigate. The majority of users will visit the Help file before starting because there’s not much information on how to use the clipboard.

Clipdiary 5

A little bit of experimentation proved to be very helpful. The program’s operation was equally complicated but efficient. It stores items in a clipboard with a long length that keeps track of each image or piece of text that has ever been copied. Users are able to search them, and then copy and paste them wherever they’re needed. The process was relatively simple however we expect some difficulty as a lot of items is on the clipboard. Although a brief description of each item is provided for every item we would like to know the date that it was put on the clipboard, to help keep things organized. The application doesn’t have many additional features beyond its core purpose, but its hot-key function is great and lets users create individual key commands, which accelerate the copy as well as paste operation.

How to get Clipdiary 5 Free

The free download Clipdiary 5 with the full version of the free standalone installer that runs on Windows. It can be used to retrieve any data that was copied onto the clipboard.

It can save images, text, links files, text, images, and any other formats that are supported by the clipboard. All copied data is accessible via the interface.

In addition, a thorough help manual contains all the details you require regarding each of these built-in functions. Clipdiary gives you access to forgotten items that you can save on your clipboard. Although the program works well, there are some things that could have made the program more effective. Just a few minutes ago, you copied/pasted a paragraph of text and now you have to do it all over again?

Clicking on one of the entries displayed allows you to copy the text into the window that is currently active, name and delete the entry, or copy and paste plain text, and save it to a folder. A good amount of information is also available including the source application’s date of creation and the date it was created.

Save your text or image that you copy to the clipboard. ClipDiary silently resides within the Windows System Tray and doesn’t cause any problems for the computer in any way. A minimum of CPU usage was seen during our testing and the application runs flawlessly across every Windows version. There are a lot of alternatives available, including the ability to adjust parameters that affect the process of pasting, the interface, and filters. I’ve always dreamed of having an application like this however, it always seemed to be inaccessible.

When one group of people told me this I was ecstatic. Do you want to copy two pieces of information into multiple locations? With Clipdiary you won’t need to duplicate them, simply utilize the combination of Ctrl and Shift plus Arrow Down or Ctrl+Shift + Arrow Up.

Clipdiary 5 System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of free space required.
Updated: October 18, 2021 — 9:19 pm

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