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Overall, ClipboardFusion is a decent tool that offers basic functions that enhance the capabilities of Windows the built-in Notepad. But, the management of content functions is rather limited and users looking for more than automated text cleaning may look and find a different. ArsClip is a program that is free for the clipboard in Windows. ArsClip is a program that monitors your clipboard and keeps track of the clipboard entries.

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The text scrub can be additionally performed at any time should you not need to maintain the automatic feature active. The ClipboardFusion App installer file is not located on our Server. When you click”Download” or click the “Download” hyperlink on this website, the files will start to be downloaded directly from the source of the owner (Official websites/Mirror website). ClipboardFusion is a windows application that was created through Binary Fortress Inc. The majority of antivirus programs, such as Windows Defender will scan the application for malware while you download. If you choose to Save the program file, it is saved to the Downloads folder.

If you’ve previously used the program on a different device, it might be a different installation. It is also possible to select Apps to allow you to discover more apps are available according to their popularity and prominent applications. You can locate ClipboardFusion in the Windows Store by searching at the top of the page. All information you transmit or receive with the Clipboard Sync feature is protected by 256 bits of encryption. It records everything you copy or cut from any application.

ClipboardFusion lets users connect their clipboard to the computer and different mobile phones. To solve this issue and numerous other issues using a program such as ClipboardFusion can save the day. It was designed to help with the management and handling of the clipboard’s content, the tool has a wide range of functions that will aid anyone writing text. With ClipboardFusion you can clean the clipboard text in many different ways. Sometimes, you’ll require to transfer information between programs, and don’t want to add all the formatting with it. Another great feature of ClipboardFusion is the capability to show previews of the clipboard’s contents for situations like this when images are copied, instead of text.

ClipboardFusion Features

Additionally, at any moment, you can open the menu for the history of your clipboard and look at each item copied. The primary thing to consider is that this application can be run with a minimal system tray and the functions it performs can be reached through right-clicking on the icon to launch its main menu. For any programs, you don’t require or want it is possible to delete them to reduce space on your computer. Make your own custom macros with C# in the integrated editor to make completely custom-designed changes to your text. The capabilities of the macros are limited only to the imagination. Be sure to take a look at the pre-designed Macros designed by others in the ClipboardFusion community. Your imagination is the only limitation to the capabilities of the Macros.


It is possible to do it by hand or using a custom HotKey. The program comes by the capability of macros and it can be used to do text replacements and text replacements. A free version of ClipboardFusion Pro 5 with a full version online installer for Windows allows you to get rid of the clipboard’s text formatting and replace text on your clipboard or perform powerful macros to your clipboard’s contents. ClipboardFusion Windows 10 App – remove clipboard formatting, change the text on your clipboard or execute powerful macros on the contents of your clipboard! At the present time, Binary Fortress has developed this System Utility software for PC. ClipboardFusion utilizes identical software for each version, both Free and Pro versions. Pro version. If you do not enter an activation code during the installation, you’ll be given an automatic 30-day trial for Pro features. Pro features.

ClipboardFusion lets you easily modify the text on your clipboard to replace clipboard text, or create powerful macros for the contents of your clipboard! You can also connect your clipboard to other devices like computers and phones. ClipboardFusion removes the copied text to the clipboard to ensure that it is able to be pasted into other programs without formatting.

How to get ClipboardFusion Free

You can even substitute every instance that is in New York with London, the option is yours. You can configure ClipboardFusion to remove all copied text, but only duplicate-copying texts (press Ctrl+C three times) or scrub text manually using the HotKey or the context menu. When you’ve completed the above steps, ClipboardFusion will revert to the Free version including the Pro features removed. When you revert to its Free version, you will not receive any messages from the box asking you to move to Pro. Pro version. You can complete the Uninstall process by clicking on the “YES” button. Select the image to run the Application on your Windows 10 laptop/pc. If you choose to Save, you will be able to select the location to save it to, for example, your desktop.

Also, make sure to take a look at the ready-made Macros developed by the other participants of the ClipboardFusion community. Before downloading the installer, we recommend that you go through the details regarding this application. You can then make a decision to install ClipboardFusion on your computer or not. ClipboardFusion lets users link your clipboard to your computer. If you require more power than a replace and replace, take a look at the Macros for unlimited possibilities to modify the text on your clipboard.

With ClipboardFusion you can find and substitute text string within your clipboard’s content. You can replace the entire string of ” characters with the HTML equivalent, “.

ClipboardFusion System Requirements

  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel 1 GHz or higher processor
  • Hard Disk: 10 MB
Updated: November 17, 2021 — 12:22 am

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