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You are completely in control over what the students in a class are doing. Installation and usage of the program are simple since all features are accessible via a couple of mouse clicks. Classroom Spy Pro allows you to view the students’ screes live and record their activity, as well as log the most frequently used apps and websites, and many more. It also lets users disable USB ports, reboot students’ computers or shut down computers, wake on LAN, hibernate, and more.

Classroom Spy

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The built-in monitoring of classrooms allows you to monitor what everyone is doing without ever leaving your desk. You can track the activities of all computers used by students in your school from a distance. You can also connect your monitor to your students’ activity records as well as control computers. You can also create demonstrations, restrict internet access, block apps, and more. You can also monitor the activity of all computers used by students in your class remotely. You can also connect your monitor to your students’ records and control computers, create demonstrations, restrict internet use and block apps, and so on. Classroom Spy Pro lets you secure all computers of your students in order to draw their focus. It is able to easily transfer and retrieve files, and let you begin or end any process or application running on remote computers.

Cloud license lets you monitor your computer’s performance on the Internet or other networks connected to the Internet. This is possible due to the fact that the application is based on a Cloud server. Cloud server. Cloud licenses can also be used with the local network.

A simple and effective classroom management program that lets you view the screens of students’ computers or show your screen to students. You can control students’ computers by controlling the keyboard and mouse. So, it is possible to are able to constantly monitor what students have been doing with the computer remotely. Software for monitoring classrooms is a vital instrument to increase student engagement and productivity in the classroom.

Classroom Spy Features

Furthermore, you can record the student’s screen. A variety of tools lets you switch off, restart, or and hibernate remote computers in one click. This is an easy and powerful classroom management program. It lets you view what your classmates are doing while you are at your desk.

Classroom Spy

The program is able to keep track of RDP sessions as well as thin clients and Terminal Services that are installed on classroom computers. It supports VPN, LAN, Internet, and WLAN connections are included. It is possible to password-protect the application to stop unauthorized access. Spy Pro for Classroom Spy Pro is a highly efficient, yet simple to use program that lets you better keep an eye on your classroom and see what your students are doing without ever leaving your desk. It gives you the ability to monitor the activity remotely on all computers that your students use that are in your classroom. Furthermore, the program allows you to control computers as well as limit Internet bandwidth as well as display the screen to your students, design demonstrations, block different apps, and much more.

How to get Classroom Spy Free

In addition, you will be required to enter a password every time you begin to launch the tool to prevent unauthorized users from using the tool without your permission. Technology is able to assist by providing a variety of different software for managing classrooms. Through these programs teachers can keep their students engaged and easily monitor the activities of students since monitoring of classrooms is an integral component of any modern-day classroom management program. Then, you can begin to connect remotely to various systems running the agent from Classroom Spy Professional. When you add the PCs you wish to monitor, you will need to enter their hostname, IP address, username, and agent’s password.

Cloud licenses can be utilized for educational or commercial organizations. In addition, the teacher has the ability to determine when students are allowed to use computers and also when it’s time to sit down with the teacher or engage in another exercise. Being in control is vital to ensure that the classroom is managed effectively. The screens of remote computers are displayed in the table, with an adjustable number of rows, as thumbnails. Additional monitoring consoles can be connected to the same computer in the classroom so that you can observe your students from multiple locations. To do this, select a software license from the list below and click the “Buy Now” button, and follow the directions. The application will provide users with live video of the remote computer’s screens.

It can be difficult to teach the entire class how to operate the computer. Classroom monitoring can aid you in this.

The free download Classroom Spy Professional 4 is a complete version of the free offline installation for Windows. It’s a simple and powerful classroom management software. To speedily get your software for monitoring classrooms, make your purchase online with your credit or debit card. The software mentioned above provides an option that can be used for classroom monitoring in which the teacher can view live computer monitors of each student. You can control the remote computer using its keyboard and mouse.

Are you looking to keep track of your students even when you’re not at work? It’s now possible via your smartphone or tablet. The ability to monitor students in unlimited numbers at all schools that are part of the same school district.

Classroom Spy System Requirements

  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: 300 MHz Intel Pentium or higher processor
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB
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