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It provides the tools and assistance to build applications that facilitate the integration of databases for users of all skill levels. It includes templates in which the data is set up for easy integration with different tools. The built-in wizard can help users in creating applications in just a few steps. Clarion is the core of the SoftVelocity product line and is the basis of the company’s reputation as a leader in the fast efficient and effective development of database applications. Alongside the Clarion 4GL language, Clarion comes with two compilers: C along with a Modula-2 compiler.

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Clarion is compatible with any type of database, whether the database is one with an SQL backend or remote ISAM data file. It’s identical to Clarion. It is possible to import data from any existing database or define the exact data definition you require with Clarion’s Data Dictionary component. This tool allows you to read and open Data files from Clarion (.dat) from any device.

The software includes the official tools, samples of databases and support libraries as well as other resources. Active Clarion University faculty & staff are able to download Microsoft Office ProPlus on your personal computer through a separate download. Visit our Faculty and staff Microsoft Office Home Use site for further details.

This application does not use any libraries from outside and you can run it on your computer without extra setup or installation. The current Clarion University students have access to download Microsoft Office ProPlus on their personal computer as part of the Eagle Mail service. You can read the information on the Eagle Mail page for additional details. H5 is code-complete and a lot of Clarion developers are using H5 to deploy their existing applications, as well as developing new applications using this stack. The brand new AppBroker allows you to quickly publish your app as an Html5 Bootstrap web application. You can view some introduction videos here. It is the Clarion group of programmers from all over the globe, as well as our support staff and developers offer help for free on our Clarion forums.

Clarion Features

Utilized by single developers as well as small teams, large companies, or government agencies as well as in the military. Create a full application that is ready to be used on the field …without having to write any codes.

Clarion creates code using templates that perform all its heavy lifting. By using the easy Wizard interface, you can specify the app’s behavior and then click on the button to generate. Appian and Templates AppGen and Templates are then in charge and in a matter of minutes, you will have a flawless app. Apps created using Clarion Templates have been field-tested all over the world (for more than two years!). It’s a set of templates, tools, and functions to use using the Clarion software. Use various kinds of databases, by creating applications to control…


The program is able to directly compile and create a source code for a DLL. If the Clarion is loaded, you can save the data in different formats or copy it to the clipboard. You can transform any Clarion data file to another file format with no programming required in just a couple of mouse clicks. EasyCOM2INC tool is used to automate the creation of Clarion include files.

How to get Clarion Free

Each language has an optimizer that is common to all which allows them to be integrated into a single application. When you leave or cease enrollment or quit the school, you’ll be denied access to the program. After the expiration of the software license, it will be wiped clean of all the local files stored on your computer. However, you’ll have to get the original Office license if you want to continue using the program. If you are a developer of database-based applications, then Clarion was created specifically for those who are. The program was created from scratch with one goal in mind — ensuring that databases are reliable and secure apps developed faster than other software on the market. Clarion comes with the tools needed to develop a database application.

HyperBrowZe management and presentation of hierarchical information in the database. Created for speedy implementation, LSZip is a fast and efficient application. ChartPro Wrapper template is designed for Codejock’s Codejock Chart Pro ActiveX control. Not only is it radically more efficient, but Clarion is 100% bug-free on its first successful compilation. The only thing a Clarion programmer needs to concentrate on is the five percent of the system.

Clarion System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB of free space required.
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