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If you work in the field of CAD it is more likely that you’ll be using AutoCAD as well as Bricscad for your designs both of which are among the top and most efficient applications in this area. CivilCAD is a program that integrates with them to provide additional features that make work easier and more efficient using these tools.

CivilCAD With CivilCAD it is possible to quickly make profiles, cross-sections of contour lines, a subdivision of land cutting and filling volume calculation, and more than 100 other helpful routines. You can enhance the capabilities of the software by adding additional modules, such as Water and Wastewater networks, Road Design, Mass Haul Data Export, Pluvial Wastewater networks, as well as new data import/export interface for Google Earth(TM). CivilCAD 2014 is an amazing design and drafting software for civil engineers. It has been created in collaboration with Sivan Design which is considered the most innovative for civil engineers. It includes all the planning and design tools needed for making designs and road plans. Standard packages add in the Survey Survey package a comprehensive range of features for dealing with contour lines as well as land development calculations. It is easy to work with starting with field data input, and the creation of area maps, all the way to the efficient completion of the final set out stage.

Mortenson Construction uses Bentley software to create solutions for construction in the face of severe limitations at 75 wind turbine locations. Mortenson Construction reduced wind-turbine footprint by 40% using Bentley software and reduced the impact on sensitive areas of the environment. WSDOT utilized InRoads along with MicroStation for its 3D modeling of the design for the Snoqualmie Pass Project. Then, it used MicroStation renders to provide the capacity, control of avalanches, and safety enhancements to decision-makers and the general public. Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited implements a standard design system that utilizes Bentley applications that reduce design time and costs by a percentage. The company is introducing 3D into the realm of catenary systems for overhead lines and advancing workflows beyond traditional production of plans to the creation of digital twins that incorporate asset data for all phases.

CivilCAD Features

Autodesk Civil 3D Civil Engineering design software incorporates BIM and integrates features to improve the drafting process, design, and construction documentation. Bentley SITEOPS has enabled WSP to enhance the design and speeds up construction plan production, thereby saving substantial time and money for a 206-acre mixed-use expansion project within Catawba County, North Carolina. OpenRail Designer introduces a new model-based environment that is comprehensive for efficient delivery of railway network assets. The environment combines design and construction, from conception through commissioning and finally completion. Sivan Design is one of the top civil engineering software firms in the world.


Mississippi Department of Transportation re-engineers geotechnical data management methods and cuts the time for materials and geotechnical projects by 50% through GINT implementation. Seoyeong Engineering used BIM methodologies to assist and enhance the design of the Namdaecheon bridge made of steel which has accelerated project completion up to one month in advance of the schedule. Sweco used standardized integrated BIM methods for design for the Hallandsas project, thereby increasing the project’s quality throughout the entire lifecycle and reducing the amount of the need to rework. CivilCAD is comprised of various modules, each one of which is connected to an alternative CAD design. CivilCAD 10/ZWCAD Civil 10 is based on the latest, highly sophisticated Microsoft(r) Windows(r) Interface that’s compatible with the latest Windows software that is available today. Separated layers for horizontal alignment. In order to satisfy the increasing demands of authorities, A new feature has been added that allows you to split layout information that is complex into specific layers. Such layers may contain slopes incline, left edges, right edges, left ditch, right ditch, etc.

With its extensive experience in creating CAD software for civil engineers across the globe, Sivan Design released CivilCAD 10 and ZWCAD Civil 10. With the combination of fully integrated system tools with high-speed performance and unbeatable accessibility, CivilCAD 10 and ZWCAD Civil 10 bring the latest technology in civil engineering to unprecedented quality and efficiency. Utilize the most complete 3D design, design, and analysis tools for transport as well as water development, land, and civil construction.

How to get CivilCAD Free

Sivan Design’s CAD products provide solutions for small and large corporations and federal and state government agencies across the globe. OpenRoads Designer is an extensive and fully functional comprehensive design software for surveying drainage, subsurface utilities as well as road design that surpasses all the capabilities previously provided by InRoads, GEOPAK, MX, and PowerCivil. Design a conceptual tracks design with rail geometry as well as electrification, tunnels as well as bridge design to explore different options at the pre-bid phase. Develop more efficiently, spot areas of high risk, and cut expenses. Enhance the capabilities of your design software, and identify high-risk items. design software after downloading CivilCAD. You can enjoy the AutoCAD basic program or benefit from the many expansion options available and discover solutions to the typical issues that Professional design and modeling.

Create conceptual bridge and road designs to explore different alternatives during the planning and the pre-bid phase in your plan. We hired Mr. Carcamo to provide us with instruction on building surfaces, linework programming, and other applications in AutoCAD Civil 3D. We received an extremely professional service within the timeframe we required to begin our projects. We highly appreciate his knowledge and will seek his help when issues come up that we cannot determine.

Step utilizes PowerCivil for Brazil to reduce time in designing for the Humberto de Campos extension to the street. Gujarat realizes it vision for a digging-free city by constructing a 15,000-meter utility tunnel built with Bentley software with a cost savings of INR 990 million. Utilize the capabilities that come with AutoCAD as well as other CAD design software more easily and effectively. CCLS helps relieve the stress through tailored training sessions on-site in our office and online training.

Processing and creation of contour lines. This includes automatic elevation labeling as well as the option of completing the elevation labeling at any location you want. Have all the planning and design tools needed for making road plans and designs.

CivilCAD 10 and ZWCAD Civil 10 introduce a user-easy and user-friendly task-based interface, which allows the engineer to quickly locate commands that are searched for with the help of contextual toolbars as well as menus.

CivilCAD System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 500 MB of free space required.
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