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Through Cisco Configuration Professional it is possible to quickly configure your Cisco IP telephone device through configuring your Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express call processing, as well as Cisco Unity (r), Express voicemail. If you’re deploying a new IP telephone system with the application, you are able to configure it to function as a stand-alone Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express or as a gateway for Cisco Unified Communications Manager. It is easy to configure the features necessary for the initial telephony installation, such as extensions, users, phones dial plans, as well as digital and analog trunks. You can also set up voice system features, such as group paging, pickup groups, hunt group intercom, conferencing, and more. You can simply access the voice services available under the voice folder located on the left pane and you can easily set up and set up the system. Cisco CP configuration requirements are included within the Cisco Configuration Pro Release Notes.¬†Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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Cisco Configuration Professional

Step 1 To begin select the community the device belongs to and then click OK. 7. In the Installation Options screen, select the location you would like to make shortcuts on Cisco CP, then click Next. Its Interfaces and Connections screen has an interface and connection screen with a Create Connection Tab as well as an edit Connection and Interface tab. The Create tabs of Cisco CP screens give access to wizards with smart features which guide you through the configuration, and also inform you if the modifications you make will be in conflict with the current configuration.

Cisco Configuration Professional Features

The Edit tabs allow access to screens that have additional options. It is recommended to make a start-up configuration by using the wizards and then look over the configuration on the screen available on the Edit tab and then make any additional changes you’ll need. Step 2 On the Community View page, select the device you would like to work with, then select to discover. In accordance with the conditions of your network, Cisco CP may take some time to locate the device.

Create an online community, add additional devices, then discover all devices within the community. A community is made up of at least one device that you define by giving their IP addresses and login credentials.

Cisco Configuration Professional Express is integrated into the firmware of the router. The default router configuration file is accessible only in its flash. If you type in the default username cisco, and default password cisco, the change default Credentials dialog box appears. To protect yourself you should modify the default credentials into fresh credentials.

*very lines–A very connection must be accessible for every session Cisco CP establishes with the device. At a minimum, one vty connection must be accessible to allow Cisco CP to connect to the device. If you are using CP to launch additional apps on your device it is necessary for a vty connection to be accessible for each subsequent session. If you have a Cisco Unity Express Advanced Integration Module installed on the device, two Vty lines are required for connection with the AIM. *Use the correct username and password. utilize an account with a password and username that is configured by the device. Once you’ve entered all of the necessary values in the wizard, it displays an overview screen.

Be sure you’ve set up a community and the devices you have added to it. * It permits Cisco value-added partners and providers of services to provide access to only certain sections in Cisco Configuration Professional. Cisco Configuration Professional interface.

Select a new IP address for yourself like in Figure 1. Utilize the information contained in Table 3 in order to link your PC Ethernet port to the proper router Ethernet port. An HTTP timeout policy should be configured using the parameters in the following process to avoid a well-known launch issue that is associated with Cisco CP.

Quick Start Guide might contain vital warranty details. Figure 18 illustrates how to use the ADSL Encapsulation screen that lets you choose the kind of encapsulation to choose.

To learn more about the members of your community Select the member’s entry for each you wish to meet and click Discover. Step 5: To see more information on the process of discovery go to Discovery Details.

How to Get Cisco Configuration Professional for Free

Once you’ve completed the initial setup and assigned your device with an IP address in your LAN and you are able to make use of Cisco CP to connect to the device and carry out additional configuration. If your device isn’t connected to your network and you’d like to utilize Cisco CPE Express in order to provide it with the initial configuration, follow this procedure.

Step 4: In the Exceptions tab, enter the addresses of all the devices you don’t want Internet Explorer to use the proxy server. The error message will be displayed when the device isn’t recognized by Cisco CP. Check out the Release Notes for Cisco Configuration Professional in order to get the list of devices that are supported by Cisco CP. It is reported that the CLI “IP HTTP secure-server” is missing from the configuration for secure connections. * The CLI “IP HTTP server” is not present in the configuration of non-secure connections.

It also monitors the status of routers and assists in troubleshooting WAN as well as VPN problems with connectivity. It’s a free tool, and you can download it from If you don’t wish to have the existing account of a user to be wiped due to any reason don’t use its credentials to substitute the default password.

Cisco Configuration Professional’s intelligent wizards guide you step by step through the router configuration process by meticulously setting up LAN and the WAN interfaces and firewalls, IP Security VPNs as well as IP Security VPNs. These intelligent wizards can detect configurations that are not correct and recommend solutions, like permitting DHCP traffic to flow through firewalls when it is the WAN interface is connected to DHCP. The online help included in Cisco Configuration Professional contains appropriate background information as well as step-by-step directions to guide you through the correct entry of information in the program.

Cisco Configuration Professional System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows¬† XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB
  • Processor: 2 GHz processor or higher processor
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