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You can find the complete downloading instructions at the Franklin OIT website. To obtain a license number visit and sign-up using your UGA email account. Staff, faculty, and students are able to use ChemOffice on UGA computers, as well as on their personal computers, with an annual site license for the entire university. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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The site license was created through ChemOffice’s Department of Chemistry with support from the Student Technology Fee. ChemOffice+ Cloud boosts research and communication efficiency by removing silos between different applications and makes administrative tasks simple and easy to manage. ChemOffice+ Cloud is the solution that can take the chemical communication process to the highest level. If you’d like to know more you can log in to the system and post a comment in the section below.

Chemoffice Features

ChemOffice+ Cloud provides an innovative and effective way to work to Chemistry Data, helping accelerate chemical communication and reporting. No matter if you’re an experienced Chemist or are aspiring to become a scientist, ChemDraw Prime lets you sketch organic chemical chemistry, without needing to learn how to draw. The most effective chemical drawing program, ChemDraw Prime enables you to draw chemically intelligent, publications-worthy drawings in just a few only a few minutes.

New coloring options are available – ChemDraw now gives users the option of coloring any carbon cycle, providing clearer and more concise communication of concepts and ideas by shifting the attention of the viewer or audience on specific parts of a chemical structure. With its origins as a chemical drawing tool, ChemDraw has steadily evolved to become the leading chemically intelligent solution for chemistry research, lowering the Energy Barrier to great Chemistry. No matter if you’re interested in organic-inorganic, organometallic or even polymer Chemistry ChemDraw will have you covered.


Chem3D creates 3D models for chemists so they can see their substances in three dimensions in order to examine their properties and shape to enhance specificity or activity. Chem3D also comes with GAMESS as well as interfaces with other tools for computation, including Gaussian, MOPAC, Conflex, and AutoDock. Chemists are empowered by providing them with tools to simplify their research in chemistry and turn their research into a shared chemical knowledge. ChemScript is a scripting language that exposes the chemical structure processing capabilities of ChemOffice to programmers who wish to alter the structure and process. Users need to possess an active PerkinElmer account to download this software. This guide will focus on the basic design of diagrams and structures along with property and spectra prediction using ChemBioOffice.

ChemDraw for Excel provides chemical intelligence to Excel spreadsheets so that chemists can make use of Excel’s analytical, sorting, and organizing tools to alter and enrich the collections of data and compounds and discover the structure-activity relationship. Access safety data from various regulatory agencies, search for chemical manufacturers, and conduct a search for structure in Elsevier Reaxys and SciFinder-n from the convenience of ChemDraw.

ChemDraw Professional includes 1H and 13C NMR prediction, Name-to-Structure and Structure-to-Name functions, as well as integrations with SciFinder, Reaxys, and SciFinder-n to provide quick and effortless access to external databases. Nucleic acid and peptide chemists can also benefit from the HELM Toolbar, which allows you to visualize biomolecules. ChemDraw Professional easily makes your Chemistry stand out using bonds, atoms and rings color options. The ChemDraw Wizards are happy to assist Chemists to improve their efficiency so that they draw less and spend more time focusing on what matters most the most – Chemistry. This is a challenge we’ve put together to provide the many tricks and tricks that the Wizards have learned through the years, which will make your life easier. ChemDraw Add-ins are now compatible with services and applications with token authentication.

How to Get Chemoffice for Free

Site subscriptions are a simple cost-effective way to use or distribute the program across your company. Use these filters to confirm that you’re able to download and use ChemDraw. ChemDraw. If you don’t have a Site Subscription and would like to purchase one, you can contact us via this. After logging in to Perkin Elmer’s website, you will be able to download their installers for ChemOffice by clicking on the menu at home.

Beyond the full suite of essential chemical structures like bonds, rings, chains, atoms, and functional grouping instruments, ChemDraw Prime also allows you to calculate property values as well as create lab and chemical equipment templates, and use the handy TLC Plate drawings tools. Hotkeys and shortcuts that are popular with users allow users to draw more quickly than you ever have before.

ChemOffice is a drawing software program that allows biologists and chemists to draw complex materials, chemical compounds, as well as cell diagrams. ChemOffice can be used to draw chemical structures and 3D models of chemical structures. It also comes with an application for research notebooks as well as chemical inventory software. ChemFinder for Office scans files directories for chemical structure and allows you to search documents using structure to find chemicals that are of interest. A powerful chemical drawing tool, ChemDraw Prime offers all the time-saving tips and shortcuts that have made it the most popular drawing tool used by chemists since 1985.

With 3D cleanup as well as 3D visualization, making intricate designs has never been so effortless. Since 1985, ChemDraw(r) products have offered strong capabilities and integrations that enable you to quickly transform concepts and drawings into publications that you are proud of. Based on the powerful features provided by ChemDraw Professional ChemOffice+ Cloud accelerates Chemistry communication and reporting, offering an entirely new method of interaction and interaction with Chemistry Data.

From conducting literature searches, studying your compounds, to the ability to make your work standout ChemDraw Professional knows that Chemistry is more than drawing molecules. The most recent version of ChemDraw can be downloaded through the PerkinElmer Download Center that requires users to sign-up prior to downloading. This PerkinElmer Site Subscription website is still accessible for Cloud Applications. For those with WPI-Provisioned devices, get in touch with ITS to set up this software.

Reactivation is required using the latest Activation Code, which is accessible on the IS&T ChemDraw website. Reactivating your account will extend your current software license to the next year of your license. You must click Continue and agree to PerkinElmer’s license conditions until the software has been downloaded. Your Institution has been verified, and now you can download the software.

In addition, the suite provides information management and knowledge management tools, as well as related databases for use in laboratories. The tedious task of creating reports that present research results have been made much more efficient using ChemOffice+ Cloud.

It has powerful tools to find, reuse and pick chemical structures, and organize them and data, chemical scientists can make use of ChemOfficeand Cloud to build presentation-ready PowerPoint slides and manuscripts with publication-quality figures with just two clicks. ChemOffice+ Cloud is a powerful, complete suite designed to ease, simplify the communication process in chemistry. The cloud-native chemical communication suite is built on the basis of ChemDraw Professional and provides access to a robust collection of tools that can be used to facilitate scientific research.

A suite of chemistry-related communication, ChemOffice+ Cloud transforms your chemical drawings into knowledge by making it easier to manage reports and presentations and presenting Chemistry research. Users can conduct structured searches of their data directly in documents, and in various locations, group the data in collections, and then share information through reports that are easily generated.

ChemOffice Professional helps chemists and biologists efficiently monitor their work, visualize, and gain a better understanding of their research and connect biological activity to chemical structures. A comprehensive, powerful suite designed to make it easier, more efficient the communication of chemistry and transform chemical drawings into shared chemical knowledge. Chem & Bio Office is the software utilized by biologists and chemists to create professional-looking diagrams, diagrams, and structures for research and scholarly communications. The suite also includes tools to predict properties and spectrums based on the structure.

Chemoffice System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard Disk: 1.5 GB
  • Processor: Intel 2 GHz or higher processor
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