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Morphing, a variation on this is also available. You simply select two patches and use a slider or button to mix them. The Randomize Between mode allows you to control the randomization process. It will create random presets that are somewhere between the two selected patches. The Animate button can be used to automate the process. This will allow Cantabile’s randomization of a plug-in to occur at predetermined intervals. You can then relax and wait for the right thing to happen. These functions are presented in ‘racks’, rather than in a traditional mixer setting. You can stack racks upon racks as many times you want. Cantabile is not a plug-in host like other hosts. It can’t do DAW-like editing and arranging. Topten has decided to leave the VST-stockpiling empty so there are no synths or effects in the package.

Cantabile Performer

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Every aspect of the system, from the audio engine to the user interface and everything in between, has been reimagined and redesigned. It performs well in practice. We did crash it once during our review period but it was not a repeatable issue.

Cantabile Performer Feauters

It incorporates feedback from hundreds, making it the most successful Cantabile to date. Every aspect of the system, from the audio engine to the user interface and everything in between, has been reimagined and redesigned. KVR’s details page gives a good overview of the features, but I will expand on them in my review. These language files alter the language used by Cantabile’s interface. Cantabile allows you to use VST instruments and effect plugins in real-time. Cantabile has incredible MIDI routing capabilities. It’s great for practicing or playing on the stage. This set of plug-ins and applications includes everything you need to record and play your guitar, bass, keys, and vocals.

If you’re a composer, Cantabile’s recording capabilities may be your main reason for owning it. It even has auto-recording so you don’t miss any ideas. You can set these recordings up to capture as many MIDI or audio channels as desired, resulting in multi-track recordings which render flawlessly when imported into any multi-track DAW. You will need to note the changes made in VSTi’s in order to apply them in your DAW later. These settings don’t get saved into the MIDI file. There are some dedicated plug-in chains and modular hosts that can be found out there. Some of these make excellent live performance tools.

Cantabile Performer

Recordings can be set up to run in sync with the master clock, or individually. Supported formats include WAV, MP3, and MIDI, but there is no time stretching. You can define ‘triggers’ to control external devices when you do certain actions like loading a session. You can control VST parameters via MIDI and switch between sub-sessions through MIDI program modifications. Plug-ins can be bypassed by pressing a single key, using the Note to Controller Assignment. Multiple racks can also be spread across the key range, creating complex transpositions and splits.

Although not thoroughly tested, experimental builds may include new features previews and bug fixes. Many experimental builds will be eventually promoted to stable.

How to Get Cantabile Performer for Free

You can toggle between any view to access the tuner view, and then return to it when you’re done. While you are in tuning mode, all output will be muted automatically.

You should ensure that the filter cutoff does not get too slow to block any sound. You might adjust the maximum range of the VCA attack parameter to reduce delay. Limit the octave ranges for the oscillators. Perhaps 1/3rd of the times we choose 8′ and 2/3rds select 4′.

You have three options: Randomize, Randomize Between, and Morph. There is also a masking function that allows you to select which plug-in parameters should be changed and which ones should remain untouched. You can randomize by simply clicking on the dice icon. There’s also a slider that allows you to adjust how much variation should occur. Gig Performer 4 allows you to create a virtual view that lets you spread out your blocks or connect them to make them easier for you to manage.
To suit your needs, you can change the default concert reference pitch of 440 Hz. You can see the tuner view from far away. I’m finally free from the fear of missing a song or patch after more than 20 years of using my PC on stage.

I can’t give details about the Solo and Lite editions as I chose Performer immediately after witnessing the rapid development and trying the full version. This program is a great tool for musicians and composers. You may find the discussion on upgrading helpful at the Cantabile Community forum.

Now I find that I can create more complex sounds for stage performances and I feel confident they will work. Gig Performer is for musicians who need reliability and a familiar method to create and recreate sounds on stage. It’s not another way to use your plugins, it’s an instrument.

Cantabile Performer System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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