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CamUniversal is a program that can create a surveillance video system that uses existing video cameras as well as webcams. It is compatible with webcams, netcams, as well as different video recorders. CamUniversal is a universal tool for webcams and IP cameras and other video devices that provide various tools and options. CamUniversal can handle multiple simultaneous feeds from cameras. The cameras that are connected are displayed in a table, which is displayed on the main interface to users and includes various information such as name, state previews available, and the like. The software can be connected to cameras from your network, webcams TV Tuners, as well as to remote cameras that are on your network. CamUniversal is the best solution to all your needs with regard to video. Get More Softwares From Getintopc


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It is able to detect motion, record and allows you to set up schedules. Motion detection can be employed for video surveillance. It can record videos or create snapshots according to the preferences you have. Additionally, it can be set to run in a scheduled manner and at intervals you prefer. With the features described above, it is possible to take any kind of image. With CamUniversal it is possible to select from a range of options your preferred format of display for your surveillance footage and choose the lens kind.

Camuniversal Features

Make these steps simple, thanks to the short options that are available in the toolbar of the interface. The best thing about CamUniversal is the possibility to use it as a surveillance system with the ability to support motion capture. Motion capture features can be used to create an audio alarm or utilize it to execute specific tasks, such as the trigger of an application to launch. If it detects motion, CamUniversal can save the events to a log file or send an email to an administrator. CamUniversal lets you take video footage from cameras configured and save images as stills and add watermarks, logos and transparencies, color changes, or even add text. The program includes a video editor which can create videos from different images. For instance, you could save images from cameras and create videos from them.

CamUniversal comes with an AVI Creator’ that can create videos from images. It also comes with an integrated multimedia viewer in which you can view the videos and images you have taken on your hard drive. It’s part of the surveillance and is licensed as shareware compatible with Windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms and is available as a trial version for free until the trial time expires. It is a demo version of CamUniversal. CamUniversal demo is accessible to all users of software as a no-cost download, with some limitations compared to an actual version. If, for instance, you own a website, viewers can get access to the videos of your cameras by directly HTTP request, due to CamUniversal’s web server integration. Furthermore, there’s an on-call programmer who records all the claims to video evidence.

The program can be tried for free for a short period of time, however, there are no restrictions visible. It’s compatible with all current Windows platforms and provides all-inclusive support for both 32-bit as well as 64-bit versions. The installation process isn’t too complicated and takes no less than one time of about a minute. Record videos and photos and upload them to Facebook in a single click, then alter the settings of your camera. Add fun enhancements to your images and utilize webcam tools to keep connected.

It has built-in motion detection that lets you choose the areas in the video that are being tested for motion what time, place, and when. In this manner, it lets you target an area in your home or your home without worrying about the repercussions. It also includes video recording including picture capture as well as execution of programs externally and log file creation. It also supports audio playing, FTP transfer, email sending, and the ability to schedule. It is possible to upload images via your FTP server, web page, or even a corporate LAN to share the images. CamUniversal is an all-inclusive solution for many different requirements related to video feedback. It can play live feeds from a variety of devices, from webcams that are simple to the most sophisticated cameras for surveillance.

Additionally, the program offers an option to use a server as a client on the network that allows you to stream your video to other computers on an internet connection. CamUniversal is software with numerous and sophisticated capabilities that take care of managing your webcams as well as video surveillance. You can include several webcams to the interface, and it can support locally-based webcams and IP cameras, and different devices (TV tuner graphics cards, TV tuner, etc. ).

How to Get Camuniversal for Free

It is compatible with WebCams, NetCams (IP-Cams) and all other video devices that work with the most updated driver installed for Windows. With CamUniversal you can control and access the video footage of your digital camera from any location, so provided you have an Internet connection. Additionally, the latest Version of CamUniversal is capable of working with Microsoft Windows CE. It shows the view of the cameras split into three categories. It is possible to have an unlimited amount of recorders, based on the model of the device. If you are using webcams as part of your surveillance system, then the limit of devices is the number of USB ports that you have. CamUniversal is able to playback several cameras simultaneously.

You may also alter the size of your display according to the requirement. The advanced editing features for video include the ability to create animated displays and music playlists panning, cropping as well as vertical overlays. This program lets you incorporate a virtually limitless amount of cameras. It functions as a client/server software that allows the sharing of camera streams across the network. Software for video recording on the Webcam comes with numerous features. CamUniversal has plenty CamUniversal can accomplish, aside from playing back video footage. It can be programmed to recognize motion on your individual cameras and respond to it. It allows you to create calendars of your cameras to recorders, and record.

All in all, CamUniversal is a very adaptable program with a broad choice of options, with an extensive degree of personalization. There’s nothing you cannot accomplish using your camera feeds using CamUniversal. The laws regarding usage of the program differ from country to country. We do not recommend or approve of using this software when it is in contravention of the laws. Softonic could earn an affiliate fee when you buy or click on one of the items featured on this page.

Camuniversal System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB
  • Processor: Intel 400 MHz or higher processor
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