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Bugzilla’s installation procedure is a command line-driven process and is a series of steps where the system requirements along with software capabilities are inspected. Then, at the lower left, there’s an option for the user to open the same report in the form of a Line Chart or the CSV file format. Let’s make an account and then examine what Bugzilla interprets as the choices. It will show the bug’s details and the people who are on this mailing list for that bug. 3.) Click on the product for which you wish to report an issue.

Password 123


Add an attachment to include any required file with an attached file. Hardware and OS The OS and the hardware Machine information from which the bugs are recorded.

“Announcement of Migration from GNATS to Bugzilla on the FreeBSD mailing list”. Bugzilla allows for a more precise level of detail for keywords and categories, and in the future, we’ll adopt more of them, helping to better filter bugs by target areas.

Go to the website and locate the project you’re interested in. If you are unable to locate it, check out the list we have of software projects and the list of specifications we keep for information. Step 4) When you click the component and it opens a new window. The entire list of Bugs that were created in a particular category will be listed here. From the Bug-list, pick your Bug#ID to get more information about the issue. Bugzilla is a Defect tool for tracking but it is also able to be used as a testing management tool and is easily integrated with different Test Case management tools like Quality Center, Testlink, etc. Bugzilla is utilized as a tool by among others, by the Mozilla Foundation, WebKit, Linux kernel, FreeBSD, KDE, Apache, Red Hat, Eclipse, and LibreOffice.

I’m looking to install Bugzilla on my system. please inform me know how to install it since I tried all methods but it’s not installing Bugzilla and I need to set up Camp. Additionally, users can save the report by using this Remember Report option at the end of the page. There are many criteria for searching within Bugzilla.

Bugzilla Features

To register an account on the Bugzilla tool or log to an existing account, visit the New Account or Login option on the menu bar at the top. Bugzilla provides the text “Zarro Boogs found” instead of “0 bugs found” when searching for bugs yields no results. Bugzilla 2.0 is the outcome of this port to Perl and the initial version was made available to the public through anonymous CVS. On April 1, 2000, Weissman transferred control over Bugzilla to Tara Hernandez. Bugzilla development in the hands of Tara Hernandez.


Step 3.) The window will open and you can click on the part “widget gears”. For instance, our product is called SAM’S WIDGET, whose component is called WIDGET GEARS.

Bugzilla 4.0 came out on February 15th, 2011, while Bugzilla 5.0 launched in the month of July 2015. Make it better by adding additional secondary or tertiary sources.

How to get Bugzilla Free

Step 1.) Following a simple search, we will explore an Advanced Search choice for which you need to follow the steps. 1.) Step 1) Click the “Change Column as seen in the above screenshot. This will open a new window that you must comply with these instructions.

Red Hat Bugzilla is the Red Hat bug-tracking system and is used to report and examine defects discovered within Red Hat distributions. Red Hat Bugzilla is not an option for technical support or assistance It is simply an automated system for tracking bugs.

Bugzilla is a server software created to assist you to control software development. We hope that this guide will be a great help in understanding Bugzilla. Do share your feedback in the comments below. The system will display all result pages for those search terms listed. Version The version of the product that was affected when the issue was discovered. Component – Every product can be divided into several components according to the usage or the functionality, etc. In this section, you will look through all the classification headers that are accessible to users.

In the diagram that follows, you can see the more serious bugs or blockers within components are 88. Bugs that are of normal severity are at the top, with a 667 number. It is also possible to include additional details to the bug you have assigned, such as keywords, URL whiteboard, tags, or tags, for instance. This additional information can be helpful to provide more details about the Bug you’ve created. This bug tracker that is open to the public allows users to stay in contact with their employees or clients in order to discuss issues efficiently throughout the chain of data management. If you’re having difficulty installing Bugzilla like me. Check out the following website to get a feel for it.

Bugzilla System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 2GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor: 3GHz processor or faster
  • Hard Disk Space: 500MB of free space required.
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