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Brush Reshape uses a circular brush that automatically chooses and moves the points as it is clicked and drags them with its Magnetic Reshape behavior. More than 12 hours of downloadable training videos, including assets from projects and more. Utilizes a circular brush to automatically choose and then move the points as the user clicks and drag them with its Magnetic Reshape behavior. Silhouette plugin works with After Effects, Premiere Pro, Nuke, Fusion, Resolve, Flame, and Vegas Pro. The multi-host plug-in now includes launches using AE, Nuke, Resolve, and more.

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Boris FX Silhouette

Silhouette can be used to edit tasks like cutting, joining cutting, moving, copying cutting, trimming, replacing, and repeating clips in the Sequence Editor. The Depth Preview window provides a 3D perspective of the depth map. Useful for visualizing the depth and the position of objects in 3D space. The Depth node comes with a specific toolset for making depth channels using 2D sources.

In the year 2016, Boris FX acquired GenArts which was the company behind Sapphire the gold standard plug-in program for advanced visual effects. In the year 2019, Boris FX purchased Academy A and Emmy Award(r)-winning SilhouetteFX and Digital Film Tools for advanced feature film rotoscoping, painting and effects. The plugin’s depth-in-tracking allows this plugin to be extremely effective. (footage and project from in 1995, Boris FX is a producer of VFX, compositing editing, and workflow software. Since 2014, Boris FX purchased Imagineer Systems which is the Oscar Award-winning producer of Mocha tracker software that is planar. In 2016 Boris FX acquired GenArts, the creator of Sapphire among the top well-known software packages for VFX. In the year 2019, Boris FX acquired Academy Award-winning SilhouetteFX and Digital Film Tools for advanced features film rotoscoping and painting and effects.

Create complex masks with B-Spline Bezier, XSpline, and Magnetic Freehand forms. Innovative design and user-friendly tools like flexible sharp edge softening per-point and the new magnetic reshaping tool based on brushes help in the creation of articulate animations. Make mattes look realistic with motion blur and export to standard shape formats for the industry. Boris FX Silhouette is set to strengthen its legacy in films and television. This Academy and Emmy Award-winning advanced Rotoscoping, non-destructive painting, and tools for compositing are now available as a low-cost extension to post-production’s most well-known host applications. Silhouette Paint has been the initial paint and tracking plug-in created to provide the best-of-breed 32-bit high dynamic range paint instruments to edit and effects applications.

The process of reducing a group from points to a small area, which will later be divided among nearby points. This can be useful for forms whose complexity fluctuates with time.

Boris FX Silhouette Features

“Laika’s Link is missing Link”On Missing Link, Silhouette was used in nearly every shot of our paint and the roto crew,” says James Pina the Senior Painter at Laika. They utilize Maya for motion and the rigging process, Houdini for effects work and they utilize Silhouette for the majority of their cosmetic and painting of puppets. The company also adopted Foundry’s Nuke from the beginning of ParaNorman,

Boris FX Silhouette

The lens correction module is able to calibrate and correct distortion in the lens for advanced effects or to create and export an ST Map for other host applications. This lens correction module is based upon the shared technology of the lens module of Mocha Pro. New tools for editing roto that are based on feature requests of artists enhance the capabilities of Silhouette’s rotoscoping tools and make them more powerful. Since its inception in 1995, Boris FX is a leading producer of VFX such as compositing, titling, and video editing and workflow tools for post-production, broadcasting, and filmmakers. Boris FX products have grown to provide services to more than 1 million artists across the globe. The year 2014 saw Boris FX acquire Imagineer Systems which is the Academy Award(r)-winning maker of Mocha Planar Tracking software.

With a long history of some of the most well-known music video and effect shots, you can time unique “shape-to-shape moving transitions” per layer, with interactive previews for rapid adaptability. It is easy to time unique shape-to shape transforms per layer, with interactive previews for quick flexibility as seen in some of the most well-known music videos and images with effects. The extremely powerful ZMatte and Power Matte nodes employ exclusive matte extraction techniques which can handle the toughest keying and matting problems, which include images that have fine hair detail or reflections. Silhouette’s warp and Morp tools offer the most creative control and render high-quality images for digital Retouching, image deformations, and some even speaking animals. Users are now able to upgrade or buy Mocha Pro, the Mocha Pro plugin for Silhouette that includes modern planar tracking and the compositing workflows that are available to help Silhouette. Powerful matte and Power Matte nodes utilize exclusive matte extraction methods which can handle the toughest keying and matting problems, which include images with hair-like details smoke, reflections, or smoke. The full-featured Silhouette Node interface for paint, roto, and Compositing can be activated as a plug-in from the standard VFX software.

How to get Boris FX Silhouette Free

Toolfarm is well-known for its distribution-focused approach as well as its high-quality customer support and training. If you were able to select a shape that you had entered into Mocha tracker, and it was selected in Mocha tracker and tracked an additional layer created, the selected shape was put in the new layer and the shape was then tracked. After tracking the layer was shown to be selected but the tracker controls were removed. For tracking again you needed to select the selected layer to choose it and you were able to track once more. Much like the Split Edit function that is used in a non-linear editing software in which a video clip is split into two parts, Split Shapes is useful for forms that transform from simple to complicated and reverse.

If you were making use of the ACES OCIO configuration The OCIO processor was unable to initialize because the view was named in a different way. The color values of the cursor’s position when you are in the Paint node now appear on the Status Bar. This new Hold node is able to repeat the chosen frame for the duration of the session. This is great for keeping a single painting frame for an uncluttered plate in addition to other uses. Nodes can be marked as Favorites, allowing them to be organized within The Favorites section of the Nodes window. You can mark the node as a Favorite by choosing it and selecting the Favorite symbol, which is located in the upper left corner in the window for Nodes. Node.addPort() is used to create an additional dynamic input port and will return that port, in the event of none if the node is not able to support dynamic ports.

Silhouette 2021 comes with a perpetual license, monthly or annual subscriptions, and upgrade from previous versions. The host application for plugins is Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Foundry Nuke, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve and Fusion, Autodesk Flame, and VEGAS Pro. The Paint node displays an image cropped in the Viewer in proxy resolutions. Pin Warp is ideal for beauty tasks since it lets the user specify image areas by pins while remaining unaffected by other areas. Changes can be made from simple tiny nips and tucks, to more obvious like changing the position of the leg or arm. With the introduction of the Fade In and Fade Out parameters Keyframe adjustments can be dynamically weighted in accordance with user-defined times to manage the level of adjustment that spans several keyframes. A group of elements can be defined and can be quickly edited by grouping them in these Reshape and Transform instruments.

She was recently involved in the post-production of Nuke … “Silhouette was one of the most important tools used within our workflow for over 10 years and it has stood the tests of time and the weight of more than 10,000 images.” Paint and rotoscope creators can now have access to the entirety of the Boris FX Silhouette’s Academy and Emmy Award-winning tools via a plug-in within Nuke, After Effects, and other hosting platforms. is based in San Francisco, is a prominent distributor and distribution partner of video-related software and plugins with a focus on After Effects and 3D Animation tools.

Boris FX Silhouette System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 245 MB of free space required.
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