Backuptrans Android Data Transfer Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10

It’s even the Android with a damaged screen that can be supported. There is no alternative iPhone utility software that is able to do this. You use WhatsApp frequently on Android and would like to backup all your precious Whatsapp chat messages to your Computer? Backuptrans Android WhatsApp Transfer must be the ideal option for you. It allows you to Transfer and handle Android WhatsApp Chat Messages to your PC seamlessly. The ability to restore WhatsApp chats from your computer to Android is also possible. Backuptrans Android SMS and MMS iPhone Transfer can be the quickest and simple to use option that lets you transfer text messages and messages via SMS from Android onto your iPhone directly to your PC.

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Backuptrans Android Data Transfer

If you’re looking to change from an iPhone and an Android Phone and vice versa, you might need to move iPhone WhatsApp Messages to the Android device. Backuptrans iPhone WhatsApp for Android Transfer can be the ideal tool to assist you in transferring transfer WhatsApp messages on your iPhone to Android using a computer. All of your WhatsApp Chat History will be transferred and seamlessly merged onto Your Android Phone. Backuptrans iPhone SMS and MMS Android Transfer are specifically designed to transfer iPhone SMS/MMS messages to Android phones directly.

Copy information of Android to iPhone easily using Our Android WhatsApp transfer to iPhone Transfer, Android SMS/MMS to iPhone Transfer, Android Data to iPhone Transfer, Android Viber to iPhone Transfer, and many more. Backuptrans Android Data Transfer for Mac offers a powerful professionally designed File System for users to copy and transfer data across Android as well as Mac. This can be particularly useful in the event that you need to access the specific kind or type of Android data. The all-in-one Mac SMS Transfer manager for Android and iPhone.

Do you want to transfer documents between Android and your computer using wireless? Wireless transfer of files from Android as well as Mac is also possible. Transferring information between Android into Mac as well as Android and back to Android is now a breeze with our reliable Backuptrans Android Data Transfer for Mac. The interface is simple and powerful. It will help you to backup to restore, transfer, as well as manage Android Data & Files on Mac. You’ve got a brand new Android and would like to transfer data onto a newly purchased Android Phone from an older device?

Backuptrans Android Data Transfer Features

It is not just able to support Android contacts to backup on computer and export, it can also allow users to restore backups of contacts from the computer database to Android the latest Android or an old Android. Backuptrans Android Kik to iPhone Transfer is specifically designed to transfer Kik messages directly from Android onto iPhone directly to a computer.

Backuptrans Android Data Transfer

You can recover SMS MMS Messages and Contacts, Bookmarks, Calendar Events as well as Call history and Playlist from your computers back to Android anytime you wish. It is possible to directly Transfer Data Between Android and iPhone Backuptrans Android iPhone Data Transfer Plus Backuptrans Android iPhone Data Transfer + is specifically designed for the transfer of data from Android phones and iPhones directly to a computer. Simply connect your iPhone and Android phone to a computer and then click on”Transfer” or click the “Transfer” button and you’ll be done in just a few seconds. If you have two iPhones or androids devices, or even one android and one iPhone It is always advisable to choose a program to assist you in managing the data for both of your devices or move data from Android or iPhone. Backuptrans Android iPhone Data Transfer + is the most comprehensive phone data manager program for Android as well as iPhone. It is a straightforward and efficient way to copy and transfer information for the iPhone/Android directly on a PC.

How to get Backuptrans Android Data Transfer Free

Are you looking to back up your Android Contacts and Messages onto a PC? Are you looking at the transfer of files from Android and Computer by wireless? Backuptrans Android Data Transfer is sure to be an ideal option to do it effortlessly. It offers a simple method to transfer information like music, movie Playlist, Photos Ringtone, Camera Roll, Message(SMS and MMS) Contact, Calendar and Call history, as well as Bookmarks from Android to your computer through USB as well as Wifi. Contrary to other Android Transfer software, Backuptrans Android Data Transfer allows data restoration as well.

Family Edition allows you to install and download the Family Edition on each of your Mac computers in your family and transfers information for up to 8 devices within your household for the price of just one. Download and install only on your individual Mac computer. Make use of the latest synchronization algorithms to assist Android users to transfer music Photos, Video camera roll, Playlist Ringtones, Messages (SMS & MMS) and Calendars, Contact call history, Bookmark, etc . from Android to their computer. It even supports Android with a damaged screen is can be supported by. Backuptrans Android Data Transfer for Mac offers a stunning view of the entire Android data, using the intelligent File System mode. It is possible to use File System to transfer and share files between Android and Mac. File System to transfer and transfer data between Android or Mac.

It makes it so simple for Android owners to transfer data from an old Android Phone to an updated Android Phone. Are you looking to backup your Android Contacts and Messages on Mac? Do you want to move your Android music, photos ringtones, and videos to a brand new Android Phone?

Backuptrans iPhone Kik Transfer allows you to access and control your Kik messages from your computer seamlessly. The ability to restore Kik message history from your computer on the iPhone is also possible. What happens if Android is Android data transfer is possible? After connecting two Android devices to the Mac and then exchanging data between Android phones by navigating an easy menu. It is possible to transfer data even on Android phones with a damaged screen can be used. How do you control your data across Android, iPhone, and computer?

Backuptrans Android Data Transfer for Mac allows you to transfer music, video Photos, Messages and Contact information, calendar and call history, bookmarks, and many more to Android phones directly from Mac. All the data you transfer will be perfectly merged on the new Android. Backuptrans Android iPhone Data Transfer + allows you to link your Android to a computer using wifi for the transfer of data. Select the one that meets your requirements. You can also select to export all Android/iPhone Contacts, Messages, and Messages or export just a selected set of Contacts, Messages. Backuptrans Android iPhone Data Transfer + is a sophisticated professionally designed File System for users to transfer files between their computer and Android. If you’ve backed up your iPhone via iTunes on your PC, Backuptrans Android iPhone Data Transfer + allows you to transfer MMS and SMS Messages Calendar, Contact, Call history, Bookmark, and more from the backup of your iPhone backup to Android or iPhone easily.

Backuptrans Android WhatsApp for iPhone Transfer is created to help transfer WhatsApp Chat messages directly from Android into iPhone directly from your computer. All of these WhatsApp messages will be integrated perfectly with the iPhone. It was easy to transfer them from the phone I have on Android into IOS Apple. It is important to make note that your application offers a distinct advantage over other options in that messages sent via SMS are put in the right place on the phone, as when they were made on the phone. I enjoyed the follow to email, too.

Backuptrans Android Data Transfer System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: 1 GHz Intel Pentium processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
Updated: November 3, 2021 — 2:17 pm

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