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This allows you to save time and effort while fine-tuning how exposure fusion, moving objects correction, and Mask tools look. Batch processing tools can be used to automatically classify and detect images when they are imported. There is also a queue that allows you to render the final compositions. You can view any edits made to images in Preview mode before you commit to editing. Stitching presets are also available to ensure consistency from one panorama to the next. Specialized image stitching software is used to create high-quality panoramas. Panorama software can make a big difference in stitching panorama photos.

Autopano Giga 4

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Automatic cropping can also be used to preserve as much image space as possible and remove any unfilled areas. You can manually frame panoramas by either applying a fixed aspect ratio or constraining the image to a 360x180deg sphere.

You can still choose certain options once you’re done with the tutorial. FIXED Smartblend can make visual artifacts when two images are very close together with low overlap.

There are always bugs reported when a stable version is released. This is because many people have been trying the software on multiple platforms and computers. It is not unusual to get reports, but the beta/RC stage was well done so there were no major bugs. There are only a few crashes that cannot be reproduced on other platforms. For large panoramas or taking large pictures, always use 64bit Autopano. We are confident that the 3.0.7 version will be released soon. It features an updated GPU engine, which is much faster than previous versions.

This has been changed so that you can save your project file even when in trial mode. Although this saving is limited for trial mode, the project file (.pano), can still be read back by Autopano Video so you can create a leveled and watermarked video using both software applications in trial mode. The tip for the 3.0 version was to set the focal length at a high value.

One of the plug-ins allows you to import multiple images directly from Picasa Bridge, Lightroom, and Bridge. Any modifications or edits to files made in management software will be preserved during the export process. You only need a digital camera capable of taking photos and stitching software. A tripod is the best choice of equipment for creating a panorama. There are many other photography gears available.

Autopano Giga 4

Once you understand how the software takes photos of the same panorama, it’s very easy. We’ll be back to explain this later. Let’s first look at the preferences and basic parameters of the software.

Autopano Giga’s automation is very capable. However, sometimes it is necessary to adjust the stitching process. Additional windows are available to edit control points for each pano. It is possible to have dozens of windows open at once, which can be confusing. Therefore, it is better to only work on a handful of panoramas at a time. Good control points are essential for a good stitch. Also, uniform exposure and color blending is required. Even with vignetting, this software can handle a variety of exposures. When rendering a panoramic photo, the user can choose which image will be used to adjust exposure and color.

Autopano’s Automatic Detection allows it to determine which images in a set are part of a panorama. Autopano almost always correctly recognizes a panorama when it is presented with a complete set of images. It also aligns its images properly. The panorama detection algorithm can be quite aggressive with larger sets of images. It may group different focal lengths into panoramas. Autopano can be used to add or subtract images if it makes an error in determining their contribution to a panorama.

If you know the values associated with your lens and camera, it is easier to achieve the best stitching results. This is the final version of Autopano Engine Version 4.2. Adobe Lens Profile calibration profiles are now supported. These profiles allow you to correct distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting depending on which lens was used. This function helps to remove unwanted haze in images. It analyzes every pixel to determine its true color depth and eliminates whiteout from the scenes to increase brilliance, contrast, and color accuracy.

When you change the size of an image in a panorama with the scale button, all other images will be affected. New features in the layer editor make it easier to manipulate layers and select multiple images. We are working hard to fix most of the reported crashes. Most of these crashes are due to graphics drivers. Please ensure that you have the latest version of this software. You should also switch to 64bits if you are creating large panoramas or big images. It is completely free and will solve some memory problems. New models have been added to the system so that control points are more evenly distributed over the overlapping area. To get better control points, the whole system was also improved.

Autopano Giga’s rendering engine produces outstanding results. Stitched panoramas retain sharpness well beyond image borders.
The VRDrive2 import plugin applied a fix that stopped fisheye lenses from being used with this panoramic head. This is a great feature in Autopano Giga.

Render again, but this time from the Render dialog to confirm quality. Detect is an option that appears above each group of images. This will detect panoramas and make them show up on the right. Some extensions do not allow you to select the 16-bit or multilayers modes. Autopano was a great tool that I found at the end of 2005. It is amazing how Autopano’s designers listen to users and how the software evolves. It’s my favorite panorama program, even before its main competitor PTGui. Imagine!

Autopano Giga 4 System Requirements

  • Supporting Windows: 10/8/7
  • Required RAM: 1 GB
  • Required Hard Disk: 200 MB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core
Updated: September 2, 2021 — 6:41 pm

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