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Eddie was an application for painting and compositing that was co-developed and owned through Discreet as well as Animal Logic. It was released in 1994. Softimage|Eddie was included in Softimage’s IDEAS bundle, along together with Softimage|3D and a variety of other related software and tools. The final version released was released under Avid management and the last release under the name of the product Softimage|XSI was v7.0 that brought in ICE (“Interactive Creative Environment”). In the following time, Autodesk acquired all Softimage 3D business assets from Avid and Softimage ended its existence as an entity.¬†Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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Autodesk Softimage

The Creative Environment 1.0 was announced during SIGGRAPH in 1988. The first release to the public, v0.8, was followed shortly by v1.0 in the year 1988. The following year, v1.65 was released, which included texture mapping, followed by v2.0 which included new animation tools as well as the concept of constraining objects and a brand new Dopesheet editor, as well as the spline model. MODO is a fully-featured 3D software for creating content known for its modeling capabilities. MODO also includes a quick rendering tool and sculpting, painting animation, and dynamics tools. Autodesk Maya software is a powerful, fully integrated 3D animation, modeling visual effects, and rendering tool. It is able to support all aspects of the 3D pipeline, including modeling, rigging simulation, animation, rendering and editing video as well as motion-tracking.

Autodesk Softimage Features

After the purchase in 2008 by Autodesk of all Softimage 3D corporate assets as well as Softimage’s Softimage name acquired from Avid, Softimage|DS was rebranded as Avid|DS. Alongside its node-based ICE platform that is discussed further below Softimage offers a wide API as well as a scripting platform that can be used to enhance the capabilities of the software. The scripting languages available include C#, Python, VBScript, and JScript. The C++ SDK is also available for plug-in creators with online documentation accessible to the general public. Customers who have an active Autodesk Softimage Subscription contract can upgrade to the latest version or version of Maya as well as 3ds Max without additional cost.

Softimage was used primarily in the video game, film, and advertising industries to use software to create digital characters, visual effects, and environments. Films that were made using Softimage include Jurassic Park, Thor, Predators, District 9, White House Down, Yakuza, and Elysium. All customers are entitled to any hotfixes or service Packs made available for their specific version of the software. However, an Autodesk subscription contract is required to avail of any additional support services.

The program that would eventually be known as Softimage|XSI was released at the end of 1996 with the codename Sumatra as well as RenderFarm the Sumatra module that was never launched. A 1997 statement from the company included Twister which was a rendering component of Sumatra. Twister was officially introduced in SIGGRAPH in 1998, as the first module in the unreleased Sumatra.

Although this isn’t an easy one, however, we believe we can benefit from concentrating our efforts on development to better meet the requirements of the entertainment and media industry and provide our customers with superior products, and faster. Autodesk hopes to keep its partnership with you in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause, however, we believe you’ll find our new products for transition very appealing.

But, Twister was later canceled in order to let the company concentrate on Sumatra. Softimage was founded in the year 1986 with the help of National Film Board of Canada filmmaker Daniel Langlois. Langlois was later joined by the director who was the founding director, Char Davies, a Virtual Reality artist who became Vice-President of Virtual Research.

The first product it launched was”Softimage’s Creative Environment. It was then renamed Softimage 3D. The software was the very first software that included Inverse Kinematics to allow character animation. The program was later replaced by SoftimageXSI which was initially named “Sumatra”. A company was located within Montreal, Quebec, Canada which produced 3D animation programs. An affiliate to Microsoft in the early 1990s the company was later transferred in the 1990s to Avid Technology, who would eventually sell the name and assets of Softimage’s 3D animation operation to Autodesk.

How to Get Autodesk Softimage for Free

On the 23rd of October 2008. Autodesk bought Softimage’s brand and Softimage name and the 3D-animated assets of Avid for a total of $35 million. This ended Softimage Co. to be an entity distinct from the other.

Join today to receive an email from the StudioDaily Fix letter containing the most recent news, including stories, videos interviews, reviews, interviews, and much more. With the end of Softimage will come a decrease in the price of Autodesk’s Ultimate Entertainment Creation Suite, which will be reduced from $8,395 down to $6,825, and a reduction in the price of the advanced subscription from $1,395 to $11,090. Its Premium edition was taken off the market however the standard version is costing $5,775.

Customers who renew Subscription contracts will be able to renew until April 30 in 2016. If necessary, contracts that are renewed after March 28th in the 2014 year will have a prorated end date up to expire on April 30 in 2016. Overview Sketch your design until the very last detail. 3DsMax is an extensive and flexible toolkit to design stunning designs using complete artistic control. The life span for the stand-alone version of this software is expected to be much shorter — Autodesk announced that standalone licenses will cease to be available from March 28. Autodesk Softimage 2015 is expected to launch on April 14, according to the company.

In making the announcement, Autodesk Industry Manager Maurice Patel explained that it’s part of a plan to allow Autodesk to “focus more energy and effort on fewer products” and spend more money on the research and development of 3ds Max and Maya. “We will continue to support for two years,” Patel declared, “but the product won’t receive any new feature development.” Softimage software was utilized to create visual effects for a broad selection of movies and video games.

Softimage is software that comes with hundreds of nodes. Among them are the low-level nodes like Multiply or Boolean and numerous high-level nodes, referred to as compounds. Compounds function in the role of “wrapper nodes” to collapse ICE graphs into one node.

Softimage lets users include custom compounds into the main menu system for simple reusability. Today, it is part of Autodesk and previously referred to as Softimage|XSI The software is used primarily for film, video game, and advertising industries to create computer-generated characters, objects, as well as environments.

Autodesk Softimage System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 and 8
  • Memory (RAM): 4GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 2GB of free space required.
  • Processor: 64-bit Intel Multicore Processor.
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