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Use the Web without revealing your identity and secure your identity and privacy from hackers. Automatic Hide IP is the perfect option to change your actual IP address to an untrusted one, rendering you inaccessible online Internet and safe from hackers. Auto Hide IP can be configured to run automatically with Windows. By clicking the IP hide button will configure all running Windows applications to utilize the new IP address, so users don’t have to set anything up. Secure your privacy, block restricted content and circumvent your local ISP rules.Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Auto Hide Ip

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You can select fake IPs from different countries by clicking the “Choose IP Country” option and also check the IP directly. With it, you’re capable of hiding the identity of your online user by showing an untrusted IP. This will prevent anyone from knowing your real location or personal information. You can also select “Launch on Startup” and the program will then run and load a fake IP immediately whenever you log in to Windows.

Auto Hide Ip Feauters

Additionally, you can change between a fake IP and your real IP just by pressing on the buttons of hiding IP as well as Stop Hide. The Auto Hide IP enables you to surf anonymously, and will automatically alter your address every couple of minutes, thus preventing identities theft as well as hacker attacks, just by pressing one button. Auto Hide IP’s interface Auto Hide IP has an attractive visual appearance, with some easy-to-use buttons. When the software is in use it will display the IP address of the user. will be displayed on the interface, as well as the country of
the origin.

In addition, it is able to show the original IP address and the newly created one right on the interface, along with the nation of origin. In addition, it permits selecting the country where this new address will be utilized. Furthermore, the program could be programmed to modify the hostname following a specific duration of time.

Auto Hide Ip

Anonym gathers proxy lists from popular publicly accessible Web websites, then tests them, and then creates an inventory of active proxy servers. Every proxy is scrutinized and data about the latency, physical location, and level of anonymity is recorded inside the database. The idea of exposing our IP address to each website you visit while browsing the Web isn’t always an ideal option.

Cover up your identity and secure your data by connecting to the use of a VPN. Surf the internet in complete anonymity, circumvent local laws, and allow access to services. Follow the link to download the functional and tested cracked auto-hide IP Software. The program ensures that the user’s session and internet activities are secure and private. Once the installation is completed, you will be able to open and run the program. Auto Hide IP is a free trial program that is included on the other list of software that is part of Security & Privacy.

If you cease to run Auto Hide IP, your web browser settings will change to normal. Auto Hide IP automatically configures your browser to utilize the proxy servers of our server. Auto Hide IP comes in an easy-to-use interface that will launch at the start of your browser if you wish for an excellent feature that ensures your identity will be protected throughout the day. All you need to do is open your browser and begin browsing the Web without divulging your true IP to the world.

How to Get Auto Hide Ip for Free

By clicking on the Hide IP button will instantly alter the original IP to a random one. In this way, the user can select the country in which an IP change will originate and you can also set the program to automatically alter the IP address once an amount of time.

For additional security as an additional security measure, you can make the program alter your fake IP every X amount of minutes. The country that the fake IP is located can also be changed – Auto Hide IP offers you an array of servers and nations from all over the world. The program is compatible with nearly every variant that runs Windows. Windows operating system ranges all the way from XP through Windows 7. It is a simple installation process that will allow you to get the software on your computer in the shortest amount of time in just a few clicks. System requirements for the program are minimal, as is the space on your hard disk used by the program’s folder.

The trial version is able to utilize IP addresses that are located in America. The United States. It is not possible to download Auto Hide IP. Click here for the download.

Did you know that your IP address is visible each when you visit a site? It is the online address you use. It can be utilized by hackers to hack into your system, steal personal data, or commit other offenses against you. Auto Hide IP lets you surf anonymously, alter your address to protect yourself from identity theft, and protect against intrusions by hackers, all at the touch of an icon. Auto Hide IP is privacy-protection software that allows you to hide your real IP address, browse anonymously and then automatically alter the IP address every couple of minutes.

Auto Hide IP will let you browse the Web in complete anonymity, giving you full access to all websites without divulging your real identity. By using it, you can select fake IPs from different countries by selecting the IP Country option and can examine IPs directly. You can also select Launch at Startup and it will start and load fake IPs automatically every time you connect to Windows. In the present we live in, the Internet expands every day however, with it comes to the threat. Each user that browses the Internet has an individual IP address, which is assigned by the Internet company. Additionally, certain websites restrict access from certain countries, based on your IP address.

This could be a significant disadvantage for large downloads or when loading heavy websites however in the majority of this won’t stop the user from enjoying their Internet experience the same way as before. One thing which can stop the use of Auto Hide IP is your browser. Unfortunately, this handy tool is limited to less than 20% of users. Internet users, i.e. people who utilize Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera.

The remaining 80 percent comprised of people whose default or preferred browser is Chrome is required to find a different solution rather. If you are in the top 20 percent, Auto Hide IP can be a fantastic and simple method of securing your identity from the outside world. It is the most efficient and user-friendly software to safeguard your private data from getting stolen. You can hide your IP address in order to hide your online activity and reveal your actual place on your computer.

This is why it’s an excellent idea to alter the IP address. Auto Hide IP is not without sluggishness however, there is no software that adds an additional layer of protection between yourself and the Web is.

Auto Hide Ip System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 98/XP/vista/7/8
  • Memory (RAM):256 MB or above
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB or more
  • Processor: 750MHz Intel
Updated: October 12, 2021 — 11:28 pm

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