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The extension is able to help create documentation for your code and also comments, be it as new material or updated text. It allows intelligent word wrapping in comments, and also has live typing aids, which make editing comments simpler. Additionally, it makes the documentation read more clearly and easier to edit. Atomineer Professional Documentation 2020 is a formidable application that acts in conjunction with an add-on for Visual Studio and allows users to offer unmatched documentation for code as well as the generation of comments as well as updating. It comes with a range of tools and features including Live typing aids as well as smart wrapping text into comments, and more. Users can easily convert old documents to modern formats or use a command that instantly aligns code.

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Atomineer Documentation

While each option is easy to understand, they all interact with one another, and knowing the effect each option has on the text can be very beneficial in achieving the desired formatting. This is the reason why these options are written in a specific way. Special cases for Simple Styles for Comment The simple style of comment options are mostly utilized for members variables and Enum value comments. InvalidArgumentException is thrown if the username is null, empty, contains spaces, or is otherwise invalid. The tools that automate the documentation of the code elements contained within a scope or file are only available only a handful of times per day.

If you’d prefer to not use this feature, you can disable it by unticking the checkbox and Atomineer will remove those blank lines in the middle of your comment precisely as initially entered the lines. @exception InvalidArgumentException Thrown if the username is null, empty, contains spaces, or is otherwise invalid. If the username is not found, it returns -1. is not present and the Database ID is not in the user table of the user’s database.

Atomineer Pro Documentation 2020 is an easy way to create, edit, and publish documentation and comments for the source code and export documents into XML, Doxygen, or JavaDocs using its Visual Studio add-in. Pros Visual Studio will read XML documentation and show them in tooltips while you type the code you want to call to ensure you are aware of everything you have to be aware of the method you are using without having to stop your typing to look up its source code or any other external documentation. It is extensively supported by the most popular software for creating documentation (e.g. Sandcastle, Doxygen) However it is most difficult for humans to comprehend and the end-tags can increase the amount of typing required to make entries. The clip separators feature allows you to limit the size of separator lines. When you indent the comment block the entire block shifts to the left, however, this could make reading or printing codes difficult. To prevent this from happening, set an appropriate Clip column for separators, and they will be cut off at the specified column of characters. Furthermore, it eases the conversion of old documentation to compatible formats or new formats and lets you instantly align parameters, code, and tabular information.

Atomineer Documentation Features

If the username is not found as well as the ID in the database of the user’s account. Intelligently automated duplicate on existing documents for overrides of interfaces or base class method across groups of methods that are overloaded as well as across the associated variables within the class, to maximize documentation consistency and efficiency with little effort. Create/update DocXml, Doxygen, Qt, JavaDoc, JSDuck, NaturalDoc comments in C#, C++/CLI, C++, C, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, JScript, PHP, Python, and VB code to ensure they are accurate and tidy with the least effort. Click here to begin Atomineer Pro Documentation Download. This is an installation offline and standalone installation for Atomineer Pro Documentation. This is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit windows.

Atomineer Documentation

It is able to reduce time, effort, and also a significant amount of money for developers and users. Select Edit Global Settings to back to edit the default settings. In the end, our recommendation (especially for Visual Basic, C#, and C++code) is to make use of XML Documentation which is supported by the majority of programs, and the benefits of Intellisense cannot be overstated.

It will take away the burden of completing all the necessary documentation for people. There are three of the top well-known software systems for documentation are for C-style language. Another option to avoid seeing this web page in the future is to make use of a Privacy Pass. You might need the download version 2.0 today via the Chrome Web Store. Before you begin Atomineer Pro Documentation free download, be sure your computer is compatible with minimal requirements for your system. Here are some of the notable characteristics you’ll be experiencing following Atomineer Pro Documentation free download. It can help improve the process of coding and naming and also the use of documentation.

How to get Atomineer Documentation Free

It allows you to swiftly arrange information into specific columns, and also outline functions, create code, or modify the contents of your clipboard. The helpers can be customized and allow live documentation highlight and typing aids, abbreviation expansion word wrapping control, whitespace control punctuation correction as well as user-defined block layouts and entry order, which ensure that documentation entries are legal and automatically correct invalid formatting in XML/HTML. Update documentation comments to ensure they are up-to-date with changes to code such as changes to parameters types, parameters, exceptions that are thrown into the method property/indexer set/get a description as well as code indentation are immediately updated. Select the style of the comment block Separators Now, let’s define the design for the “border” surrounding our comment block: that is, the separator line at the top as well as the one on the bottom as well as the prefix which is placed to each line. Atomineer Pro Documentation allows you to create customizable instructions sets in XML Doxygen, Qt, or JavaDoc formats and with the ability to support Code elements. You can thus highlight namespaces, files, interfaces, classes templates, variables events delegated, or structures within your code. Any conversion for an element in your code is done automatically within a namespace interface or class. the scope of an enum.

These fields can be easily dropped down to pick from various common/example choices, or you could just type whatever you like into these fields. Atomineer doesn’t have any limitations but you should select something that works with the language that you are using and any third-party software for extracting documentation. Atomineer Pro Documentation can help create documentation code and provide detailed instructions for every code line you write.

The username is invalid if it’s empty, null, contains spaces, or is in any other way invalid. If the username isn’t found and the Database ID is not found in the user table of the user’s account. Throws an InvalidArgumentException if the username is null, empty, contains spaces, or is otherwise an invalid Windows Login name.

Atomineer Pro Documentation is a reliable application that is designed to enhance your workflow while reducing the time to develop your programs within Visual Studio. The program is available as an extension for Visual Studio, but it also integrates together with Atmel Studio.

The tool is compatible in conjunction with various programming languages, such as C#, C++, C, Visual Basic, TypeScript, Java JScript/JScript, PHP, and UnrealScript. Additionally, annotations can also be exported into various formats, including XML Documentation, Doxygen, JavaDoc, JSDoc, or Qt which lets you effortlessly import them into other IDEs or projects. Atomizer is a simple, yet powerful selection of options to regulate how entries are displayed.

Atomineer Documentation System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 5 MB of free space required.
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