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The bus name field is extended to 16 characters from 12 characters in Version 14 and before. The first 12 characters need to be unique among the buses. Exporting data in PTI PSS/E sequence and raw formats, GE PSLF and Short Circuit formats as well as ANAFAS format for data, and the ARCADE format for data.

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ASPEN OneLiner

Extended branch name fields for transformers, lines, switches series capacitors, and phase shifters ranging from 12 to 16 characters. Simulation of relays’ communication-protected schemes. Since 1994 Professor. Saudi is the president of the Saudi Consultants that provides various security-related services as well as training for utilities. Dr. Soudi is the author and co-author of a number of technical research papers.

Charlie is a member of the IEEE including his position on the Power System Relaying Committee. He was the former chairman of the PSRC and is a member of the IEEE. Alongside his wide range of expertise in the modeling of power systems, the application and configuration of protective relays He is a highly experienced teacher. He is an adjunct professor for Gonzaga University, the University of Wisconsin as well as at the University of British Columbia. Charlie is a licensed professional engineer from the province of British Columbia, Canada. Larry holds earned a BSEE in Electrical Engineering from Washington State University and has employed Oneliner since the year 1991. Larry’s Oneliner experiences include modeling and analyzing systems as well as performing tests of coordination and faults for various industrial and utility applications.

Charlie completed his studies at the University of Cambridge in England in the year 1969. He also earned a master of Engineering degree from the University of British Columbia in 2000. As a protection engineer, he was accountable for the implementation and operation of the protection system for 27 years at BC Hydro, a major Canadian utility. Since 2005, he has been the sole proprietor owner of his own consultancy company offering protection engineering services and training across the globe. He has been using Aspen OneLiner since 1995 for the analysis of short circuits as well as the setting up the setting of relays for generation distribution, transmission, and generation systems, as well as industrial systems. He offers a three-day training program in OneLiner and a long five-day general safety training, which is integrated into OneLiner.

ASPEN OneLiner Features

ASPEN OneLiner is the leading short circuit and relays coordination application with 46percent market share according to an independent study of 87 utilities across 24 countries conducted by Newton-Evans Research Co., Inc. in 2009. This program allows you to monitor the network connection to the HASP license manager you have installed on your security server. It is possible to download and unzip the file that contains a HASP monitor tool configuration on this page. Use voltage-controlled current sources to model type-4 wind turbines solar power plants, as well as terminals of VSC DC lines.

ASPEN OneLiner

Srdjan has experience in relay protection as a worker in the field of utility services and also from consulting services worldwide for diverse renewable generation, power transmission, generation as well as distribution, projects. Automated checking of distance and overcurrent relay coordination and automatic check of relays’ overcurrent pickup and instantaneous setting.

The engineer is able to alter the settings of the relay and network configuration, and then see the impact of the changes immediately. With over 20 years of expertise in the field of power technology, Mark has been appointed as the chief executive officer owner of FlexGrid Technologies LLC to provide services for consulting and products for industrial and utility customers. Prior to that, he had been with American Electric Power for eight years, American Electric Power, 3 years working for GE Multilin, and 10 years working for ABB. Mark is the holder of only one US patent and has presented more than 10 technical papers in important relay conferences. He is an active participant in IEEE and is a Professional Engineer licensed within the State of Ohio, USA. Srdjan Dimitrijevic holds a BSEE, MScEE, and Ph.D. from the University of Belgrade, Serbia.

How to get ASPEN OneLiner Free

He is registered as a Professional Engineer with California. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of California, a senior member of IEEE, and is a part of Tau Beta Pi. New API for scripting engine to perform the merging and comparison from a PowerScript application or OlxAPIapplication. Ability to simulate a pilot outage during the checking of 3- and 2-terminal lines within N as well as N-1 situations. Creates test files for relays end-to-end that are in Doble, COMTRADE, and other formats. In some server systems, LMSETUP.EXE may display an error message upon installing the built-in key HASP driver. In these cases, it is recommended to download and run the most recent Sentinel HASP/LDK run-time installation as detailed in the above section.

The CIR model is capable of simulating the induction of reactive currents of negative sequence in accordance with the latest German grid codes. Calculated setting based on the analysis of short circuit research for every protective scheme for substations, generating plants, and transmission lines. A new text file format OLX developed for storage of relay and network data, as well as all of the settings and simulation options available in OneLiner Its OLX formats are built on XML and compatible with CIM standards. A new built-in case comparability engine that can detect the differences in OneLiner networks at the data field level.

His prior assignments included located in Europe Europe and also his native Middle East. The new in/out date attribute for relays of every type. It will be displayed as a grayed-out icon when all relays in a group are online. The ability to change the dimensions of groups in the diagram of time distance. The bus location field is extended to 24 characters, compared to the 8 characters in version 14 and older.

Starting from 4 kV to the 500-kV range Larry has utilized Oneliner for distribution, transmission generation, as well as capacitor protection. Larry’s experience comes from using Oneliner in his work for the utility industry and a relay manufacturer as well as a protection expert.

The directions are within Appendix J of the online help for v14. We have created a certified Trainer program to offer this service. OneLiner V15 will correctly convert the instantaneous setting and delay in relays that are already running when it reads OneLinerfiles from earlier versions. A detailed simulation of distance relays using models and make-specific parameters as well as operating logic. In-depth modeling of fuses reclosers, as well as relays with overcurrent. It comes with a comprehensive relay library that can be modified through the use of.

ASPEN OneLiner System Requirements

  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB
  • Display: Graphic Card/Monitor supporting 1280×1024 or higher resolution
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