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Ansys integrated electromagnetics tools and circuit simulation tools are indispensable for creating high-speed parallel buses and high-speed serial channels. Join PADT’s additive experts and representatives from Stratasys to hear the latest on additive manufacturing in aerospace. This webinar is for anyone who works in aerospace and has ever considered adding an additive to their workflow. Sherlock provides a comprehensive analysis that is crucial in developing reliable electronic products. Sherlock automates the translation of ECAD and MCAE data into 3D Finite Elements models during pre-processing. This takes only minutes. Sherlock automates thermal dating and makes it possible to democratize thermal and mechanical analysis electronics. This means that analysis takes 45 minutes instead of weeks. As the only source of reliable simulation solutions, Ozen Engineering is trusted by high-profile companies in California.. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Ansys Sherlock Automated Design Analysis

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These new features combine to give users more predictive power and the ability to protect competitive design advantages throughout the supply chain. These features are especially valuable for automotive, avionics, and other industries that use cutting-edge technology in difficult environments.
DfR Solutions, a global leader in quality, reliability, and durability solutions for the electronics industry, announced today a strategic alliance. Dassault Systemes is the 3DEXPERIENCE Company and world leader in 3D digital mock-up, 3D design software, and Product Lifecycle Management solutions. When every reliability point can cost thousands of dollars, there is no room for compromise in the quality, reliability, and durability of electronics industry solutions. Although a plugin or limited-scope software can provide basic validation tests and raw data, it does not offer true reliability analysis. This allows for the use of knowledge and understanding to determine what causes failure and how to improve product performance. The new integrated software Sherlock for SOLIDWORKS 3DCAD allows mechanical and electronic engineers to quickly and easily predict the reliability of whole PCBAs in real-world conditions before any product is built. This information is essential for simulating circuit cards assemblies as closely as possible, and for improving product performance. Beltsville, MD, January 23, 2019, DfR Solutions, a pioneer in reliability physics analysis and a leader for quality, reliability, and durability solutions in the electronics industry, announced today the release of Sherlock Automated Design Analysis(TM), version 6.1. Two significant new features are included in this new version: Locked IP Models, and Thermal Mechanical BGA life predictions.

ANSYS Sherlock Automated Design Analysis 2019

Ansys Sherlock Automated Design Analysis Features

Composites offer new solutions to manufacturers who are looking for lighter, stronger, and more economical materials. Composites present new manufacturing and modeling challenges due to their nature. Designers can use simulation tools to account for residual stresses, predict performance and analyze reliability and possible failures, optimize construction, export accurate information to manufacturing, and all this before a physical prototype is constructed. Ansys HFSS 3D electromagnetic simulation software is used to simulate high-frequency electronic products, such as antennas and antenna arrays, RF and microwave components, interconnects, filters, and connectors. Ansys HFSS software is used by engineers around the world to create high-frequency, high-speed electronics for communication systems, advanced driver assists systems, satellites, or internet-of-things products. It takes a significant amount of time and money to develop a product. However, it does not guarantee that you will pass qualification testing.

Icepak’s multiphysics and CAD-centric user interfaces make it possible to solve the most difficult thermal management issues in electronic products and assemblies. Icepak’s sophisticated CAD healing, simplification, and metal fraction algorithms reduce simulation times while providing high-quality solutions that have been tested against real-world products. This tool offers powerful electronic cooling solutions. It uses the Ansys Fluent computational fluid dynamic solver to thermal and fluid flow analyses for integrated circuits, packages, and printed circuit boards. Sherlock’s extensive parts/materials library automatically identifies and imports your files. Then, Sherlock creates an FEA model for your circuit board in just minutes.

Sherlock uses stress from many environments to predict its predictions. This includes vibrations, electrical shocks, elevated temperatures, and thermal cycling. Sherlock then does several types of reliability analysis and gives the useful and worn-out parts of each component’s life curve. Research has shown that failure-based predictions can be very accurate. They are used now to validate other techniques. Sherlock automates the translation of electronic computer-aided designs and mechanical computer-aided engineers’ data into 3D finite elements models during pre-processing. This takes just minutes. Sherlock automates thermal debating, democratizing the thermal and mechanical analysis and electronics analysis. This allows for analysis to be completed in minutes instead of weeks. Sherlock can provide reliable predictions at the earliest stages of design and is specifically tailored for specific materials, components, and use conditions.

Sherlock connects simulation to material costs and makes Ansys SIwave and Ansys Icepak users more productive. The graphical interface makes it easy to view results and make iterations.

How to get Ansys Sherlock Automated Design Analysis Free

PADT’s additive experts will be there, as well as representatives from Stratasys & GM, to present everything you need about additive manufacturing in the automotive sector. Ansys Electronics solutions reduce testing costs, ensure regulatory compliance, improve reliability, and dramatically reduce product development times. This webinar is for aerospace professionals who are interested in implementing advanced technology into their workflow or just want to learn from industry leaders. Engineers can use the Ansys suite to perform finite element analysis, automate structural mechanics challenges, and analyze multiple design scenarios. Businesses can reduce costs, speed up product development, and cut down on the time it takes to use this software. Sherlock’s Physics of Failure-based approach uses knowledge and understanding of failure mechanisms and processes to enhance product performance, rather than relying on statistical models to predict reliability. Material properties can be accurately represented across X, Z, and Y board dimensions. The stack-up data from PCB design files automatically generates material definitions.

Ansys Additive Suite is the most powerful simulation tool for metal additive manufacturing. It provides the essential insights that engineers, designers, and analysts need to prevent build failures and produce parts that meet design specifications. This complete solution covers the entire workflow, from additive manufacturing design through validation, printing design, and exploration of materials.

Ansys Fluent, the industry’s best fluid simulation software, is known for its unmatched accuracy and advanced physics modeling capabilities. The software has been thoroughly tested across many applications, giving you more time for innovation and optimizing product performance. Sherlock is unlike any other tool available. It uses files from your design team to create 3D models of electronic assemblies for trace modeling, postprocessing of finite element analysis, and reliability predictions. This allows you to identify areas of concern quickly and allow you to adjust and retest designs. Global SMT & Packaging magazine sponsors this prestigious award that recognizes the most innovative innovations in the printed circuit assembly, and packaging industries. Since 2005, the Global Technology Awards has recognized the best innovations in the printed circuit assembly & packaging industries. Beltsville, MD, September 13, 2017, DfR Solutions, a leader in quality, reliability, and durability solutions for the electronics industry, today released Version 5.3 of Sherlock Automated Design Analysis (TM) software.

Multi-physics simulations are essential for predicting and ensuring reliability in electronics. Ansys develops solutions and workflows to overcome the most difficult simulation and design problems. Rocky can be integrated with the Ansys Workbench suite, allowing engineers to perform coupled analysis of particle simulations with other physics like structural and fluids. This coupling can be done using either 1-way or 2-way approaches depending on the nature of the problem. Engineers can use Rocky to pair with Ansys Mechanical software to evaluate tension stresses and forces caused by granular material as it interacts in transfer chutes or conveyor belts.

With the current innovation explosion in the automotive industry, automotive simulation is becoming more important than ever. Vehicle makers today are creating innovative and groundbreaking technologies in the areas of smart electronics, infotainment, and telecommunications. Ansys Mechanical offers features that enable faster simulations and easier workflows. Journaling is possible, as well as scripting and product integrations with more solver capabilities. Ansys’ finite element solvers offer a wide range of capabilities that are unmatched in computer-aided simulation. Sherlock’s latest version includes advanced features such as Hi-Fidelity PCB Modeling and a Part and Package 3D Model viewer, as well as a Shared Parts Library feature and Through-Hole lead modeling. Together with the existing Sherlock features these features allow users to model more complicated substrates and boards faster and more accurately than ever. Stratasys is collaborating with industry leaders to create materials and processes that make 3D-printed parts more common on spacecraft and aircraft and are establishing the technology as an engineering staple.

System Requirements for ANSYS Sherlock Automated Design Analysis 2019

  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Multi Core / AMD or higher processor
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB
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