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One of the most positive aspects of this program is the ability to use Graphical components to visualize the processes. Job professionals can use the robustness design software or RDO-based layout to identify critical areas on the machine. This allows them to create and assess the last risks before they actually execute the project. An efficient optimization is possible only if you can predict the quality of your prognosis. To minimize solver calls, it is possible to implement a “no run more” philosophy.. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Ansys Optislang

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Automate your Simulation toolchain to connect to powerful algorithms for robust design optimization. Ansys optiSLang can address your future requirements for parametric and simulation-driven virtual product development. Ansys’ optiSLang is an innovative, constantly changing solution to the problems posed by CAE-based Robust Design Optimization. The state-of-the-art algorithms automatically and efficiently search for the most robust design configuration. This eliminates the manual, slow process of defining RDO. OptiSLang is your design optimization and process integration solution. You’ll be able to make better decisions faster with optiSLang. Automate the search process to find the most robust and best design configurations by using interactive visualization and AI technologies.

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Ansys Optislang Features

Variations of critical model responses are examined in the variance-based robustness analysis. OptiSLang uses random sampling to generate discrete samples from the joined probability density function for the given random variables. These samples are used to estimate the statistical properties of model responses such as the mean value, standard deviation, quantiles, and higher-order stochastic moments. This single-objective optimization finally determines the optimal design.

The outlet is a zero pressure boundary and the inlet has a fixed mass flow surface. We allow the y, z coordinates of the outlet and inlet to vary. This allows us to search for configurations that minimize the CPU and RAM temperatures. Ansys optiSLang, which was acquired recently with Dynardo, is one of the newest pieces of software within the Ansys Toolkit. Functionally, optiSLang is a top-level platform that allows for optimization of all types.

If this CoP or any other output is not sufficient for your purposes, optiSLang allows you to easily add to your study. Drag and drop a new sensitivity wizard onto your previous study. This will load the old results as starting values. This creates a copy of the previous solver block and connects it visually to a new analysis on the diagram. We can then adjust the sensitivity independently. After the parametric solver has been defined, drag and drops a sensitivity wizard to begin the AMOP study. There will be 100 samples. 40 will be the initial designs. 60 will represent 3 stages of COP refinement. All parameter sets will be sampled using the Advanced Latin Hypercube Sampling Method.

How to get Ansys Optislang Free

Simulating processes can also be shared among teams to make it easier for novices to get more access to simulation. Click on the +Add Software button. Search with keywords ANSYS. Select workbench software version 19.2 from the drop-down menu. Although the ultimate goal is to minimize or maximize the system output based on a set of inputs, it can be difficult to solve complex problems by adding constraints and multiple optimization goals.

The addition of state-of-the-art algorithms to design exploration, optimization, and robustness analysis can speed up tedious manual searches for the most robust and robust design configuration. Engineers and designers have the ability to gain a better understanding and make faster decisions thanks to interactive visualization and artificial intelligence technologies. Research teams from Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar and the University of Innsbruck have been working together to develop algorithms that allow optimization and reliability. It was first used by CAE engineers to perform robustness and optimization in the automotive industry. The software optiSLang, which is based on SLang, was created to provide an industrial solution for CAE-based sensitivity, optimization, robustness, evaluation, and reliability analysis.

This process workflow allows your engineering teams to increase product performance, identify optimization opportunities, quantify risks, and ensure resource efficiency. ANSYS optiSLang can also be used outside of Workbench using its powerful process integration framework.

This is the combination of electromagnetic force from Maxwell with structural harmonic and acoustics. As the study progresses, the individual run results are tabulated. In the end, a description of AMOP is given with response surfaces, residual plots, and variable sensitivities. We can see that the first 100 samples generate a decent metamodel for the CPU temperature close to the inlet. We also notice that optiSLang has concluded that none of these responses are sensitive to ‘y’ positions at the outlet. This variable is therefore automatically removed from further analysis. It is used to measure how accurate the model is at predicting unknown data points. This is especially valuable for this type of MOP application.

We can now have some flexibility when it comes to our optimization criteria by building an initial MOP based upon the overall system behavior. Unimportant variables can be removed from an approximation model to improve its prediction quality. This idea is reflected in the Metamodel of Optimal Prognosis, which is based upon the search for optimal input variables and the best approximation model. It is easy to compare different models within different subspaces due to its model independence and objectivity.

It is more difficult to describe variables for optimization purposes the more complex they are. You can view the design results by clicking on the Results sensitivity tab, or the Result Designs tab located under Optimization. Select the Use On-Demand License if you want to use Rescale Licenses. This workshop-based book is written by the Technical Support Team at PADT. Learn APDL.
2013 saw a complete restructure of optiSLang 4, including a new user interface and expanded interfaces to external CAE processes. Dynardo GmbH developed it. It provides a framework for numerical Robust Design Optimization (or stochastic analysis) by identifying variables that most contribute to a predefined goal. It also includes the evaluation of robustness (i.e. The sensitivity to random fluctuations or scattering of design variables. Variance-based sensitivity analysis, which uses continuous optimization variables to represent uniform distributions of variables without interaction, quantifies the contribution of optimization variables for possible improvements in the model’s responses. The variance-based approach quantifies the contribution relative to defined ranges of variables, which is different from local derivative-based sensitivity methods. Get ANSYS optiSLang 8 free for Windows PC. It optimizes product designs by combining powerful parametric modeling capabilities from ANSYS Workbench and robust design optimization methods in optiSLang.

System Requirements For ANSYS optiSLang

Before you start ANSYS optiSLang free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 600 MB of free space required.
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