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Altair Simsolid

semisolid is used by Whirlpool to quickly assess concept feasibility, address crucial design questions and present concepts to teams in a shorter time than ever. Altair will show the added power capabilities of SimSolid as well as preview the upcoming SimSolid 2020 release, and present a brand new and exciting connection that integrates Altair Inspire. Inspire’s the award-winning user experience for creating and modifying geometry can be learned in only several hours.

Altair Simsolid Features

It SimSolid now offers speed and precision in structural analysis. It provides the power of simulation to aid in making quicker engineering decisions, it assists in the development of high-quality products quicker to outdo competitors in the market. When you import the geometry, every part is evaluated by SIMSOLID to determine the category it belongs to. Bolts and nut components require a hexagonal design and shank or hole. This means that bolts can’t be simplified to be purely cylindrical when utilizing CAD models.

The primary goal that the study is meant to provide an understanding of the overall loading transfer within a large assembly. The load setup of the case and the analysis can be replicated with the Baseline Design Study. The most efficient method was to build a series of analyses in SIMSOLID for the initial setup, i.e., the Baseline Design Study. It included two static linear analyses to examine the lateral and vertical load case, followed by two non-linear static analyses using both load scenarios. The result is an outline for each SolidWorks configuration that is imported, avoiding many hours of repetition. The load cases can be added or existing ones eliminated over Design Studies. Each Design Study can be designated as the Baseline Design Study and hence become the template.

6. This diagram shows the method to determine to set the load of the bolt. The Axial load of 5,000 pounds vertically is placed on the lug.

The Connections are able to be reviewed by expanding the Project Tree. The most common method is to create them in a way that is based on tolerances set by import into CAD. Connections can be manually created as well as edited or deleted by using an in-context Workbench Toolbar. Editing in tabular and graphic form and review options are available.

I also discovered that SIMSOLID enabled my understanding of the structural load pathways to grow. It was an interesting departure from the normal concentration on thorough stress analysis. The design was evolving to a point at which it was now ready for more in-depth tests of stiffness and strength. This is where a more conventional FEA program could take over. In reality, I was spending more time enhancing my CAD skills than I did learning the SIMSOLID interface to get this brief overview! This highlights the connection of design with the analysis SIMSOLID provides.

The non-linear analysis may be carried out in a variety of ways. If there is no preload for bolts needed, then only the bolt-to-nut connection needs to remain a Bonded option All other contacts are able to use the Separating Contact option. The contact conditions that are suitable in linear analyses are generated automatically and are available for review within the Project Tree.

How to Get Altair Simsolid for Free

It’s basically it’s a “push” from SolidWorks to an open SIMSOLID project. It’s a practical way of working when a configuration is made, it is then sent into an open SIMSOLID project. The structural analysis is performed. The two screens can be useful when working with simultaneous workflow. semisolid is quick, with time-to-solutions measured in minutes or seconds, usually on a standard computer, which allows you to compare multiple designs quickly and precisely.

“The ability to perform early-stage analysis on different product designs in terms of speed is second to none.” 9 is a free-body diagram and table that can be used to study the amount of load that is transferred through the base plate as compared against the channels.

Five geometric shapes were created using SolidWorks according to the table that is inset in Figure. The walls of channels lugs and base are measured by 0.15, 0.25, 0.3, and 0.35 in. The diameters of the bolts range between 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8 inches. The final configuration, 4a, features a greater angle of the bolts on the base plate to bring the bolts closer to the loading plane. NAFEMS is an international non-profit organization, which provides the training of analysts. They ran a test to determine the precision of the results from SimSolid. It was extremely precise as a matter of fact.

Altair SimSolid is an analysis tool for structural analysis that is designed to be used during the designing stage. It aids engineers in getting an understanding of the effectiveness of their designs to help them make better choices. Nowadays, we hear there is a lot of talk about a variety of various tools. examines the features that set SimSolid different from other “mesh-free” software – it’s the accuracy in comparison to traditional FEA tools. It also covers SimSolid features such as modeling welds, complicated assemblies as well as thin-walled structures. There are two ways to go about your work with SIMSOLID. Brand new SIMSOLID projects can be launched on their own and CAD geometry may be added to the project.

“This software takes the pain out of the structural analysis. This meshless analysis is quick & accurate.” There are some things to consider when looking at this kind of method. The first is that this meshless approach addresses many of the problems that are encountered when using finite element method methods.

Altair Simsolid System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Disk: 400 MB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
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