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BlockedIt’s very likely that this program is malicious or includes unwanted software. This software program could be dangerous or could contain unneeded bundles of software. We’ve checked the URLs and files of this software through over 50 top antivirus providers in the world and no threat was found. AllDup is a duplicate removal tool with a speedy search algorithm and an easy-to-use interface that will make the process easy for novices as well as experienced users. This portable variant of AllDup does not support Windows XP without any Service Pack installed, and Microsoft Windows 2000. Digital signatures are evidence of the file’s legitimate and have not been altered by any other software. This implies that a harmless program has been incorrectly flagged as malicious because of the wide detection signature or an algorithm that is used by antivirus programs.

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For instance, you may be able to find duplicate MP3 files that have different names, so searching for them by size could be more effective. You can also search for similar names for files and similar or nearly identical images, and almost identical music files that are similar or nearly identical. In addition, you can find audio and video files having similar or nearly identical audio lengths, or look through your hard drive for hard Links.

Like all accountable duplication finders, this is able to transfer files to a secure directory for you to review before deleting them. AllDup is an application that allows you to search for and eliminate duplicate files on your computer.

AllDup is a tool that is free to find and eliminate duplicate files from your personal computer, network shares, or any other external storage media. The speedy search algorithm can locate duplicates of all types of files, e.g., text photos, images, music, or films. The default interface for AllDup shows our folders and drives with checkboxes that allow you to select those for search. The Log and Profiles buttons can be useful if, for example, you frequently upload many photos using your cameras. We were amazed by the number of options for setting up, filtering, and displaying search results. the most flexible via buttons that include labels like Add to Text, Enter Text, or Replace Edit, Open, Remove, and Check. With its many selections of filtering and targeting options, AllDup was fairly simple to use. Beginning by examining its Pictures directory on the C drive We then applied it to multiple drives, revealing duplicate images as well as media files, but also multiple copies of certain software and updates that were in various download folders.

Alldup Features

Although AllDup’s search engine is excellent the process of selecting files can be quite lengthy when you have a lot of duplicates. To protect yourself, AllDup offers many warnings to ensure that you don’t erase any important files (although you are able to ignore them! ) Additionally, for more savvy users, it is possible to turn off the warnings and speed down the procedure. In comparison to the main page of the application, the second one is more user-friendly and the users are bombarded with buttons. We’d like you to know that occasionally we might not be aware of a potentially dangerous software application. To ensure that we continue to provide you with the safest catalog of software and applications Our team has incorporated a Report Software feature in every catalog page, which relays your feedback to us. As time passes for any platform, redundant files may cause problems and can clog your hard drive, and do nothing but. Rename files and folders using many options and a simple-to-use interface.


But, you should think about donating if you like using AllDup and want to contribute to its continued development.

The update file lets you upgrade your installed version of the program. The shortcuts to the program are not added or changed in either the Start menu or the Desktop.

AllDup can search for duplicate files and allow users to delete the duplicate files, thus freeing the space and clearing your system. After installation, simply add the drives or folders you wish to search and then click on start. The duplicates will be listed in groups. To remove them, you must open any group, choose those duplicates you do not prefer, and select the tick icon. You can choose not just the drive or folder that is used as the source as well as the search criteria. You can search for names, extensions, size of the file, date of creation, contents, or attributes. Additionally, you can avoid certain characters, timestamps as well as ID3 tags in the MP3 file, EXIF, or JPEG and even examine a data block at the bottom of an image file. AllDup is a free tool to search for and remove duplicate files on your computer.

How to get Alldup Free

The Duplicate FileFinder Mini Find massive duplicate files in just minutes with one click. It’s completely free. Overall AllDup is a complete duplicate finder, but it falls short by being too complicated, and not user-friendly. The software’s GUI is easy and simple It has all search options shown on the top of the screen. The laws regarding how to use this program differ from country to country. We don’t encourage or support using this software when it is not in compliance with any of the laws. It’s evident that AllDup is a top product, and with a few minor tweaks on the horizon, it is likely to be one of the top performers of this specific software category. A preview panel is accessible, which can be beneficial if you need to look at two things and the data can be exported as TXT as well as CSV.

Additional search options are available on a separate screen and the app can look through the contents of archive files as well as ignore folders that are 0 bytes or exclude files according to size, and create filters for folders and files. AllDup appears to have all the bases covered in the area of the comparison of files by name size, size, extension, and even byte-by-byte Content analysis, as and excluding files you’d rather leave in peace. Of, of course, all options available are of no use in the absence of taking the time to review the options, but we did find the settings of AllDup easy to manage.

The installer file includes all the necessary files for the software to function under Windows. AllDup is a very deep program with a search function that is extremely adaptable. The option to compare methods offers a wide range of options. This is extremely useful.

The speedy search algorithm can locate duplicates of every type of file such as text, images, or music. The search engine is able to identify duplicates by the combination of the following factors: The File Name, the File Extension, Size Content, Last Modified Date as well as Date of Creation. the attributes of the file.

Alldup System requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free space required.
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