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Lakes Environmental’s AERMOD View, a powerful and complete air dispersion modeling package, includes AERMOD and ISCST3 integrated models. The US EPA’s air dispersion model can be used widely to evaluate pollution and sediment concentrations coming from a variety of sources. The AMS / EPA Adjustment Model is the next generation in air dispersion models based on planetary boundary theory. The American Meteorological Society/Environmental Protection Agency Regulatory Model Improvement Committee was formed to introduce state-of-the-art modeling concepts into the EPA’s air quality models. AERMOD View Lakes Environmental, a powerful and complete modeling package for air dispersion, includes integrated models AERMOD View Lakes Environmental, ISCST3 & SC-PRIME. The US EPA’s air distribution model can be used to evaluate the concentration of sediment and pollution from a variety of sources.


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Lakes Environmental AERMOD View 8.9.0 features an integrated graphical user interface that makes it easy to use graphical tools such as buildings, sources, and receptors. The entire modeling area can now be visualized in 3D. The new Project Wizard allows you to quickly and easily create a new project in AERMOD View. This application allows you to specify emissions from multiple pollutants that are emitted from the same source, which will increase your productivity. Overall, Lakes Environmental AERMODView 8.9.0 is a powerful air dispersion modeling package that will include the U.S. The AMS/EPA Regulatory Model, which is based on planetary boundary theory, is the next generation of air dispersion models.

AERMOD shares many of the same features as ISCST3 but also offers additional features. AERMOD fully integrates the PRIME building upwash algorithms, advanced depositional parameters, local terrain effects, and advanced meteorological turbulence calculation.

Lakes Environmental AERMODView 8.9.0 is an extremely useful and powerful air dispersion modeling package that will include the U.S. The AMS/EPA Regulatory Model, an air dispersion model that is based on the planetary boundaries layer theory, is called the AMS/EPA Regulatory Model. This application uses a similar input and output structure as ISCST3.

AERMOD View Features

Based on the planetary boundary theory, the next-generation AMS / EPA adjust model is based. This package is very useful and powerful in air dispersion modeling. It will include the U.S. Offshore and Coast Dispersion Model Version 5 uses a straight-line Gaussian model to calculate the effects of offshore emissions coming from points, areas, or lines on the air quality in coastal regions. OCD includes overwater plume transport, dispersion, and changes that occur when the plume crosses the coastline. Hourly meteorological data from both onshore and offshore locations are required. You can export to Google Earth your buildings, receptors, and sources as well as contours to Google Earth.


This will greatly reduce model run time while still delivering the same high-quality results as AERMOD View. Here are some of the noticeable features you will experience after Lakes Environmental’s AERMODView 8.9.0 free download. Some antiviruses might mistakenly delete cracked files as viruses. The minimum number of files that should be replaced is 9. You can quickly and easily create a new project using the New Project Wizard in AERMOD View. By specifying a reference point, such as UTM or Latitude/Longitude in AERMOD View, you can create your project. Here are some incredible features that you can enjoy after installing AERMOD View free download. Please note that features may vary depending on whether your system supports them.

Global SRTM3 Terrain data are available at 90 m resolution. EPA models, including ISCST3, ISCPRIME, and AERMOD are now available in one interface. You can create models of primary pollutants or continuous releases of pollutants. It allows you to specify the emissions from multiple pollutants that are emitted from one source, which increases your productivity. A new Project Wizard has been added to AERMOD View. This will allow you to quickly and easily create a new project.

How to get AERMOD View Free

The surrounding terrain is used to display the context of sources, buildings, concentration, and/or deposition contours. This tool calculates and outputs a rolling 3-month average cumulative concentration at each model receptor, including source group contributions. It also displays the maximum cumulative rolling 3-month average concentration per receptor. AERMOD MPI is included in the package at no additional cost. This parallel version of AERMOD is also included.

The fully integrated interface combines easy-to-use graphical tools (e.g. sources, buildings, and receptors), seamless model runs, automated contouring, and posting of results. Complex Terrain dispersion model plus algorithms for unstable situations is a refined point-source gaussian air quality modeling for all-terrain stability. This model uses the technology of CTDM to create stable and neutral conditions.

AERMOD View free downloads a new and updated version of Windows. This standalone offline installer setup of AERMOD View is available for all compatible versions of Windows. It was manually installed and tested before being uploaded by our staff. The program is fully functional without any issues. OCD – Straight line Gaussian model that determines the effect of offshore emissions from points, areas, or lines on the air quality in coastal regions. The standalone offline installation of Lakes Environmental AERMOD is possible. Advanced terrain processing capabilities are available for many terrain file formats, including NED, SRTM, and USGS DEM. Automated downloading of terrain data files via webGIS.

There are many tools available to process meteorological data for AERMOD or ISC models. This feature is very useful and allows you to export buildings, sources, receptors, contours, and other information into Google Earth. It will give you a more accurate picture of how your pollutants will affect surrounding areas.

This standalone setup and offline installer for AERMODView are included. This will work perfectly with any compatible version of Windows.

AERMOD View System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB of free space required.
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