Actual File Folders Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10

Actual File Folders can be used with all software or Windows operating system. The most popular Folders extension for file folders lets you make a list of shortcuts to folders that you most frequently use.

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Actual File Folders

You can control your Favorite Folders shortcuts in your favorite Folders panel. It also comes with an option to configure the window, which allows users to see the complete list of folders they like and an overview of the folders that you have opened recently. Alternately, you can access the window from your System Tray, if you choose to enable this feature. The list of your favorite folders can be set to direct you to any folder on your system regardless of the location, and you can change the historical setting of the program. The majority of file management programs provide this service, However, the history of browsing is accessible in the open window or within the particular program’s file manager only. Recent Folder is a listing of the shortcuts for some of the commonly used folders.

Actual File Folders This application was designed to help you find your favorite and recently used folders by generating two new icons within the explorer window. Recent Folders – A list of shortcuts to the most commonly used folders. It is recommended to take your time to modify the default settings to avoid discomfort. In the event that you frequently browse through a large number of folders, it may mean you are unable to access the files you access early in the day or on a day prior to. In contrast, Actual File Folders keeps the history of your browsing across all folders regardless of the program you’ve opened the folder with. This means, for example, you can open the file using Microsoft Word from some folder then change it into Microsoft Excel and then jump into the same folder by using your Recent Folders history. This is an offline installer as well as a standalone setup for Actual File Folders 1.13.

The capabilities of the app can be summarized into two primary options, which are making folders favorites and accessing recently opened ones. Some people would suggest that these options are available in Windows Explorer. In light of the function of the application, however, the variety of configuration options is somewhat disappointing. You can choose whether the application will load on startup, by using hotkeys or start the application directly within the folder that you installed it in. The first thing you should do is must know that after installation, it integrates into the directories on your system. If you try to access it directly from the internet it will only show the items you’ve opened or added to the top of your list recently.

Actual File Folders Features

The Recent Folders extension for file folders automatically tracks the folders you’ve visited recently and also keeps an inventory of shortcuts to these folders to allow you to return to them in just a single click. Actual File Folders include two title buttons, known as Favorite Folders and Recent Folders. This means you can make use of them in any typical Windows Explorer window, file manager software, and other software that utilizes system-wide file-related dialogs, for example, Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, or Total Commander. The list of recently opened folders is accessible by pressing the button that is specifically for the title. When this option is enabled, it can be placed in the top bar of any window.

Actual File Folders

It should work well with compatible versions of Windows. Rename folders and files using various options and a simple-to-use interface. What this utility does is keep an entire history of all files and allow you to open any marked directory, regardless of which program is used.

Furthermore, Actual File Folders allow you to go back to the folders that you have used to perform actions. Two title buttons in the Explorer dialog box can ease working on your PC in the midst of your work.

How to get Actual File Folders Free

This Favorite Folders extension lets you create a list with shortcuts to folders you frequent. After that, you can open this list from any file-related window in any application to open the folders you love immediately with just a click. This is similar to your bookmarks list for the websites you love in your browser. Recent Folder is an extension that Recent Folders extension automatically tracks the folders that you’ve been to recently and creates the list of shortcuts to these folders so that you can go back to them with one click. It’s similar to the history of your browsing within your browser, which allows you to quickly return to a website page that you have visited in the past when the circumstances demand. Actual File Folders aids in the move between folders you want to access many times faster than mouse movements.

Actual File Folders System requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 256 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free space required.
Updated: October 30, 2021 — 10:30 pm

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