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If utilized in larger quantities, it can create additional richness and movement or even shimmering effects. Breeze 2.0 is the very first member of the new generation of our award-winning family of reverbs. It is not just incredible however, it’s also currently one of the most effective reverbs available that are available. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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2c Audio Aether

The B2 preset extensions are designed to assist users to maximize the use of B2 and fully explore all the features that are new in version 1.2. The presets that are included in these packs were developed by top sound designers and engineers all over the world. They provide over 800 new and innovative presets to use as is and as building blocks for unlimited refinement and personalization.

2c Audio Aether Features

In these situations, the panning and spatial information of the source are ignored as all sources are believed to be coming from a single point within the Reverb. The top hardware manufacturers have been aware of this for years and have developed advanced options like True Stereo or Dual Mono. Aether also offers these modes in software and takes it one step further with “Cross” along with “Width” controls that permit the reverb to seamlessly blend between Dual Mono, to effectively the summed Mono input, or Dual Mono with reversed channels and everything in-between. In addition, Aether also offers the traditional Mono-to stereo mode, which can help minimize CPU usage when required. For more details about this feature, download the Aether Manual that is available within the Links and Downloads section above and also read its “Understanding the Cross-Width and Wide” section. One of the main reasons algorithms like those produced by Bricasti, Lexicon, and TC Electronic appear less polished in comparison to convolution styles is due to the presence of a Reverb parameter modulation. Imagine this as rotating the walls in both directions by a tiny amount in order to reduce the accumulation of metallic and ringing overtones. This results in more natural frequency response.

Other controls include Absorption, Shape, Position, Color, HF Soft (a high-shelving filter) as well as stereo crossover using the ER Cross knob. It’s a good idea to study up these parameters to allow you to steer the sound in the direction you prefer. Also, they can provide authentic soundscapes and even more extreme special effects. If you’re looking to live an easier experience, Aether’s browser page lets you focus on selecting from the numerous and diverse presets available. The majority of Aether presets consumed about 11 % of the 2.4GHz dual-core processor. However, with a handful of special effects presets, the number increased to at times to 50.

B2 is the third generation from our extensive collection of world-class reverbs as well as spatial processors. Each generation builds on the lessons learned from the previous one while introducing its own distinct characteristic and feature set. B2 is a multi-engine, modular non-linear spatial processor that has built-in harmonic distortion as well as dynamically flexible. It’s our most innovative plug-in and capable of unprecedented levels of in terms of creative effects, as well as amazingly rich Reverbs. Its modular design offers an almost limitless array of sonic options. Its Aether Precisions Halls as well as the Small Sublime Expansions were created by our buddy Deneb Pinjo and each offers more than 200 world-class new presets. Den’s presets use Aether and other third-party Reverb products gained attention in the last three years on online communities like Gearslutz as well as KVR.

It’s also included in The Perfect Storm 2.5 bundle and existing Perfect Storm 2.5 customers can include it in their collection for absolutely free. A vector is an analysis tool for spatial images that assist engineers and producers make better decisions when mixing as well as mastering. It can help you identify and avoid spatial risks such as extreme anti-phase and staying clear of false positives frequently reported by other software. It lets you confidently increase your sound in any spatial direction by using the most advanced tools for psychoacoustic spatialization such as 2CAudio’s Presence 1.5 as well as the PBJ System as well as keeping an eye on mono-compatibility for traditional playback systems. Vector showcases a huge elegant, well-designed Lissajous phase-meter, along with the long-term normal level and phase as well as panning and level meters.

You can alter your Size option until brief delays that are present in the initial reflections are a highly usable slapback effect. This ER panel is a lot more intriguing – it has the Space parameter that allows you can select from 33 predefined “acoustic spaces”.

We are humbled and honored to share the fact that Electronic Musician magazine has awarded 2CAudio with the highly coveted award in 2010. Editor’s Choice award for Best Signal Processing Software. With Version 1.5 released we’re hoping to build on our legacy in the future. B2, Aether, and Breeze are frequently used in Andrew’s songs of course. They are also used subtly in “The Idea of You” and in more extreme ways on his numerous Wayfarer ambient projects.

How to Get 2c Audio Aether for Free

Older formats such as RTAS or Windows-XP versions can be downloaded upon request, but they are not officially supported. Aether is supported for AU VST, AU, and AAX hosts running Mac OSX.7 or later. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available for the various formats. A CPU that is Intel-based is essential for Mac OSX. We do not support PPC.

It is the B2 Clarity Expansion that has been specially designed to demonstrate the ways that the new features of 1.2 can be utilized effectively to provide incredible levels of detail spatial impression, spatial reverb, and envelopment when using traditional reverb applications. Its B2 Imagination Expansion is an endless source of ideas for musicians, composers and producers, sound designers, and engineers searching for new and innovative FX-based presets. Breeze 2.5 is an industry-leading algorithmic reverb that is extremely efficient, easy to operate, but, most importantly, it sounds amazing. In the latest version, it has developed into among the top spatial instruments available! Breeze 2.5 adds a totally unique Distance-Link DSP mode which retunes the entire algorithm itself based on the position of the instrument and produces a distinct range of impulse responses for an unlimited number of different positions within the virtual space. Aether uses an industry-first sophisticated frequency-dependent decay time scaling method that allows users to design and create customized reverb damping curves, with unimaginable versatility.

We tried Aether on a wide range of materials, such as real instrument mixes as well as electronic music that is synth-heavy, and discovered it to be a great choice in every case It creates an open, spacious sound without clouding the sound. Once you’ve mastered the options, you’ll be able to get creative with shaping the Reverb. While there are some fantastic algorithmic reverbs made by TC Electronic and Universal Audio which run on DSP cards If you’re looking for an algorithmic reverb plugin that runs natively I’ve found that nothing is even near to Aether. Its Sonnox Oxford Reverb is highly regarded and also Overloud’s Breverb. for those with smaller budgets, Aether’s Arts Acoustic reverb is good. But, Aether can be the most powerful natural plug-in algorithmic reverb I’ve ever heard.

Instead, you can make use of Aether with extreme settings to get the desired effect. Do you want a 120-second reverb that decays rapidly in the mid-range but lasts longer in the higher frequencies? Are you looking for a reverb that fades indefinitely within a single mid-range band, and all other frequencies fall quickly, and at the same time, reverses the panning of late reflections?

It’s nearly twice as light, twice as clear cleaner, more elegant, and a lot more robust. More than 800 additional presets for Breeze 2.0 are now available to ensure you get the maximum benefit from it. We have also upgraded the Perfect Storm Pack to 3.0 to include Breeze 2.0 and the latest expansions. The bottom middle set of input and Mix controls include an input filter with two bands that offer both high and low shelving filter with adjustable cutoff and Q. Later reflections are calculated in stereo input and mono output, or, for more realistic treatment of stereo inputs, stereo inputs are converted out to stereo input.

2c Audio Aether System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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